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Michael Ramirez on the Rudy Giuliani – James Dobson Flap


Flap agrees with you Michael. It is HYPOCRITICAL of James Dobson and other members of the Christian Right to be willing to help Hillary Clinton win the Presidency when Rudy Giuliani has pledged to appoint “strict constuctionist” (certainly MORE pro-life than Hillary’s appointees) judges to the federal bench.


Rudy Giuliani Watch: Mr. September Blackballed By Christian Right? The Reaction

Rudy Giuliani Watch: Mr. September Blackballed By Christian Right?

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8 thoughts on “Michael Ramirez on the Rudy Giuliani – James Dobson Flap

  1. So, effectively he is prolife, as he will guarantee to nominate prolife judges. But yet he thinks it should be a woman’s life to choose? But he will work to take away that right, even though he thinks it is a right?

    I am not trying to pick a fight but the basic assumption of the cartoon is that prolife people should support him. Does that mean people that want to keep abortion legal should not?

  2. Giuliani has no litmus tests for the judges he will appoint except that they not legislate from the bench i.e. strict constructionists. This is unlike the Democrats who will ONLY appoint Pro-Choice judges.

    What MR is saying is that James Dobson is hypocritical in that if he and the other members of the Christian Right refuse to support Giuliani in the general election race vs. Hillary then they will enable their own anathema which are Pro-Choice judges being appointed.

    Get it now?

  3. So, if Rudy is elected he will appoint judges who will rule on the pro-life side?

    Does that mean he thinks Roe VS Wade was decided poorly?

  4. Flap,

    I am honestly confused. He has no litmus test but will appoint strict constructionist.

    So, he might appoint pro choice judges?

    If life is a critical issue for a voter AND they think any of the leading candidates can defeat Hillary Clinton, shouldn’t they support a pro-life candidate?

    In your opinion, at the end of a Giuliani administration, would he of advanced the prolife cause more or less than Bush?

  5. Which brings us back to the start again. It seems his point is that surely Hillary will appoint pro-choice justices whereas with him he might. Or might not.

    I think that offends pretty much everyone pro-life and pro-choice.

  6. And how does it offend anyone?

    Do you want a President to appoint judges via a litmus test? If you do, then on what issues?

    Remember the courts are a co-equal branch of government with the Executive and Legislative. The judiciary is an independent branch.

    Do you understand the nature of the court system?

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