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Hillary Clinton Watch: Kill Guaranteed Student Loan Program


Sen. Clinton: kill guaranteed student loan program

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton proposed eliminating federally guaranteed student loans on Thursday, a move that would shake the foundations of the $85 billion student loan industry.

Lenders such as Sallie Mae, Citigroup and Bank of America do a big business in extending federally guaranteed loans to college students.

In a campaign Web site posting, the New York senator said she would pay for a range of higher education reforms “without increasing the deficit by eliminating the guaranteed student loan program.”

The guaranteed loan program was hit by deep federal subsidy cuts earlier this year under legislation passed by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush.

And, Senator, how do you propose dental students be able to afford their training?

For example, Flap would not have been able to pay his dental school tuition without the use of Guaranteed Federal Student Loans.

Does Hillary propose that the government pay their tuition like in the UK? How much will that cost?

Hillary Clinton is a tax and spend Demcorat like all of the rest. Fla will guarantee whatever government program(s) Hillary proposes she will raise taxes to pay for them.


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