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Rudy Giuliani Watch: America Needs America’s Mayor


Mayor Rudy Giuliani endorsed by former California Governor Pete Wilson


After recent travel to London to meet with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his tenth swing through California, Rudy Giuliani is clearly showing the leadership skills of a President. The reception he has enjoyed here during the campaign has shown that Rudy is not only well-respected and admired around the world, but that he is as popular here in California as any Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan.

And I am one of the many in California and throughout the country who are greatly impressed by him …

The candidate who has the most impressive and relevant experience and record of performance as a public chief executive is clearly Rudy Giuliani. The city he inherited from his predecessor was not only the largest in the nation but one of the most dysfunctional. …

[R]udy took charge of a city crippled by tax-and-spend policies that had created a billion-dollar deficit. The city was in economic crisis and had lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. In addition, New York City saw nearly 2,000 people murdered per year and had more than 11,000 major crimes committed every week

As a former Mayor and Governor myself, I know full well how difficult it is to reduce crime, cut welfare rolls, and revitalize a city. But that is exactly what Rudy did, contradicting the conventional wisdom of all the nay-sayers who said it could never be done.

Rudy immediately controlled spending and cut wasteful programs. He cut the size of the city-funded government bureaucracy by nearly 20%—excluding the number of cops on the street and teachers in the classroom.

By the end of Mayor Giuliani’s second term, New York City was known as the safest large city in America, in sharp contrast to its previous reputation as the crime capital of the country …

The next President of the United States will face what may well prove to be the most severe tests of leadership put to any in our history …

We must nominate a candidate with the appeal to compete and win throughout the country, as Ronald Reagan did in leading his party and the nation to victory …

[Rudy’s] confident message resonates throughout the country. Conservatives are uniting behind him because they know that to win the White House, we must nominate Rudy Giuliani.

The optimism and steely resolve of Rudy Giuliani has equipped him to step into the Oval Office and lead this country on day one. America needs America’s Mayor to lead us as America’s President.


Read it all over at Jon’s

With California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting with the California Republican Party, Pete Wilson has stepped up as Mr. California Republican. Will this translate into support for the Mayor?

You bet and Governor Wilson is actively fundraising for Rudy as well.

Stay tuned……..


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