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Giuliani Poll Watch: Contending New Hampshire


U.S. presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) (C) is seated between U.S. Supreme Court justices Samuel Alito (L) and Antonin Scalia (R) at a National Italian American Foundation gala dinner in Washington October 13, 2007.

New Hampshire GOP Marist Poll:


The Margin of error for this poll is 4.5%.

The question is: With Hillary pulling away from the Democrat field will more independent voters switch to vote in the GOP contest? Thereby, giving Rudy an advantage.

Let’s look at independent voters in the poll:


Then, there is the issue of electability.

With Rudy polling well in large Super Tuesday states will second tier candidate voters give up their candidates for Rudy because he is the electable candidate over Hillary?

Let’s look at the Electability portion of the poll:


All in all this is a good poll for the Mayor and demonstrates a horse race in New Hampshire.

Stay tuned…….


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