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Ron Paul Watch: The Disciples or Internet Spammers?

The Disciples of Ron Paul, Spreading the Word in N.H.

There’s no mistaking which house on Lake Shore Drive, about 45 minutes northeast of Manchester, is the one full of Paulites — the intensely loyal, almost fanatical supporters of Rep. Ron Paul. Signs are everywhere. On the back window of a brand new black Toyota, on the bumper of a green Geo, on a white Volvo station wagon that sits beside a beat-up lime green Honda. “Ron Paul 2008.”

“We can run the whole New Hampshire campaign right here,” says Jim Forsythe, 39, a former Air Force pilot who’s on his driveway in jeans, T-shirt and white socks. “We’re the hard-core supporters.”

These folks have been spamming my blog for months now.

Either they have lots of time on their hands or somebody is paying this group to harass the GOP. My guess it is a left wing group who is funding these internet spammers to create dissension among the GOP. As it has been rumored the GOP actually helps fund Ralph Nader and Green Party efforts to disrupt the Democrats.

The notiariety these folks have obtained highlights the failure of the national party primary system. The small states of Iowa and New Hampshire have for decades had a disproportionate say in who the Presidential nominees will be. Look for a national primary system to be developed by the parties in time for the 2012 election.

Now, as for Ron Paul.

Please……. a fringe candidate whose fundraising effort should draw Federal Election Commission scrutiny.

And, when will the GOP stop including him in the debates? Or does the top tier wish to use him as a foil for the left?

Spam away Paulites………

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106 thoughts on “Ron Paul Watch: The Disciples or Internet Spammers?

  1. This was a great thread… very entertaining. It’s had some good arguments on both sides in it.

    I’m 29, father of 3 and a “Republican” (I’ll explain). South Arkansas is a Democratically controlled part of the country so I have to register Democrat to make a difference in the polling around here, as the winners are ALWAYS picked in the primaries. Most of the Dems around here are just “technically” Democrats, they wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the Democratic crowd, Nationally, and they definitely aren’t Liberal. I find it a bit dishonest, as they are gaming the system, but that’s the only way to win around here. Nationally, I voted for W both times, and the Republican candidates for senate and House. I’m sort of a member of the Religious Right, and as such, I have to vote for the pro-life candidate/platform. I see the sanctity of innocent life more important than even low taxes (Gasp)!

    I see what you mean about Ron seeming like a Dem plant or being supported by a fringe group. His positions on the issues seem very radical, and don’t really fit with the NeoCon line right now. However, the Libertarian party doesn’t really like him because of his Pro-Life stance. Most of the Liberals don’t like him because he’s against Socialisim. Commies don’t like personal freedom, either. I think he only really fits in the Republican party. I don’t agree with legalizing drugs, however I don’t think that removing the Federal oversight of such things would be too damaging as most communities would pass local laws banning such things. I live in a “Dry” county that you can’t buy alcohol in. It’s nice. No winos here. Localized government at work!

    My main selling point with Dr. Paul is states’ rights. I think it would eliminate a lot of the strife we have in the US. Some communities wouldn’t protect themselves from the generally decadent pop culture and would suffer for it. So be it. Mine would protect itself. Mine would keep children from dying at abortion clinics. The druggies in my town would leave. They’d go somewhere where their drug of choice is legal, and OD. Problem solved. Nobody’s rights got infringed and I didn’t have to pay for them to sit in prison. Personal responsibility is powerful, it makes YOU pay for poor life choices, not ME.

    Islamo-Facism is dangerous. As much as I like kicking their butts all over the Mideast, it’s expensive, and I hate to see us go bankrupt for it. I’m not defeatist, I just think current strategy is un-viable. As a war gamer, myself I see this as having too many fronts. The Germans tried it, and lost. We COULD do it, but only with tactics that nobody, even the NeoCons are willing to take. (For a humorous but maybe true take: See IMAO’s Nuke the Moon policy: ) I’m talking scorched-earth policies and extreme over the top shows of force. Since we are unwilling to do that, I think we need our Troops on our borders, and we need to reform immigration to keep terrorists and others who would harm us out.

    I don’t think he has a chance in hell of winning. He’s too radical. however, I hear some of the good “contract with America” type talk start seeping back into the Rep. debate. I think that’s Dr. Paul’s influence. I hope it sticks.

    I support Dr. Ron… I am not registered Republican. I’m a devout PaleoConservitive, though. He’s the only one that looks like one, right now.

    Great blog, I hope that I have time to drum one up like this someday. I’ll subscribe to you through RSS. I’m glad it’s not much about Dentistry!

    check out , some political stuff on it, but mostly just personal. 🙂

    PS: I found this post through the Google Alerts function. I was searching for Ron Paul.

  2. Billy,

    Nice post and nice blog. 🙂

    There have been quite a few other controversial threads on Ron Paul that you may wish to peruse.

    Question I have for you:

    Will you re-register to the GOP to vote for RP?

    And who will you vote for in the general election? Hillary?

  3. No, I have too many ties to local government to allow my voice to be unheard in the Dem primaries. I’d likely just be throwing my vote away, anyway, if I did that.

    In the general election, though, I would never vote for a Dem. Just because I HAVE to vote in the Dem primaries doesn’t mean that I will vote Dem. Nationally.
    I have to at least vote for the conservative (either Neo or Paleo) platform as they are still “Pro-Life”, 2nd Amendment and at least do have some dissent in their ranks that MIGHT try to reign in spending, unlike the Dems.

    Guliani needs to switch parties, Romney is fake. Being from Arkansas, Huckabee screwed over our local government on some issues, and forced us to do some things in our school district that are very unpopular and very un-Republican. Thompson seems to be the only “alternative” that I like. He seems genuine and would uphold the 2nd amendment. Maybe I can at least stay armed.

    If Paul goes third party and by some miracle manages to get on our ballot (near impossible for a 3rd party), I’ll vote for him. I want to send a message to the Rep. Party that some of us Paleo’s still exist and we shouldn’t be ignored. I’m a pessimist at heart, though, and it likely won’t make a difference until the dollar collapses and the Federal govt. goes bankrupt. Maybe if I survive the collapse (and the ensuing anarchy), things will change, until then, I’ll try to change things by “throwing away” my vote, if possible.

    I’ll be sure to check out the other threads, thanks!

  4. I’m perfectly OK with an investigation into Ron Paul’s money. As a Ron Paul supporter, I think we are the last ones who would give him money illegally. But in any case, how would an objective investigation be done, that fairly investigates the fairness of each candidates donations?

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