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Ron Paul Watch: Paul Campaign Solicitation on Neo-Nazi Hate Site – The FLAP


Why does Congressman Ron Paul have campaign ads on a White Nationalist Neo-Nazi Bulletin Board ( which is listed as a hate site?

The Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a white pride Internet forum with the motto “White Pride World Wide”. Many organizations describe it as a neo-Nazi organization, and accuse it of promoting racism, hate speech, and violence.[1][2][3] It has been listed as a hate site, and a number of Internet content filters prevent access to it.[4][5] In Germany, access to Stormfront is blocked by some ISPs in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.[6][7]

Stormfront is owned by Don Black, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who was a member of the American Nazi Party in the 1970s.[8][9]In 1981, Black was arrested as he prepared to board a boat stocked with weapons and ammunition to invade Dominica in what he and his accomplices dubbed Operation Red Dog. Black was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the attempted invasion. He created the website after receiving his first computer training in prison.[10]

The ad:



The Ron Paul discussion thread at Stormfront is here.

Flap was alerted to the association of Congressman Ron Paul from this piece at the Huffington Post: To His Dismay, Ron Paul Becoming Magnet For White Supremacists

Through no fault of his own, Rep. Ron Paul’s anti-globalist, anti-government campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has become a magnet in neo-Nazi networks, pulling in activists and supporters from the fringe white nationalist community where anti-Semitism, anti-black and anti-immigrant views are commonplace.

In some cases, these internet-based activists acknowledge that even though the Paul campaign does not have a racist or anti-Semitic agenda, it can serve as a vehicle to find sympathizers and to recruit new loyalists drawn to the Republican congressman’s opposition to international trade agreements, federal police authority and to the income tax.

Such web-based organizations as Stormfront (motto: “White Pride, World Wide”), Vanguard News Network (“No Jews. Just Right.”) and the Nationalist Coalition (“working to create the relationships that will lay the foundation for the White community that is necessary to our survival”) have become sources of support for Paul’s bid for the Republican nomination, and in some cases have set up separate Ron Paul discussion groups.

At the GOP debate tomorrow, the GOP candidates for President should ask Congressman Paul about this ad and ask him if he subscribes to the filth and hate that is promoted at Stormfront.

All of the GOP candidates should DEMAND that Paul REPUDIATES this site, pulls his ad and returns any money contributed by these Neo-Nazis.

And, Flap has a question for Ron Paul: Are you an anti-Semite, sir?

Stay tuned…….


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  • Kyle

    look, all kinds of people support Ron Paul. and anyone can put that widget on a website. I just put the link in the url of my comment if you are interested. calm down. if it makes you feel better there are black power folks supporting him too.

      • Kyle

        perhaps the campaign will do that. I don’t control that.

        more pertinent to you and me though, is will you correct the errors in your article? your whole article is predicated on the campaign ‘placing’ the ad on the stormfront site, which is obviously not what happened.

        also if you are concerned about the future of this country, please stop bashing Dr Paul for a while and start pumping his ‘America Freedom Agenda Act’ below is a link to learn more.

    • Mike

      White people from all classes and regions are tired of being demonized by news sources in our own countries. What is offensive about revitalizing our own communities and supporting constitutional government? We don’t want to be replaced by people who are not like us and who hate everything our forefathers fought for. What is wrong with that? I would rather have black-power allies than white-traitor allies! I could gain more from blacks that want their own communities and rights than whites who don’t want theirs! Ron paul has a lot to like, and a lot of people to like him. Be proud that he is winning on his own merit, and word of mouth, not on fake promises and false wars.

        • Mike

          I don’t have a website. I like to read stormfront, because it is a discussion site, with very wide ranging viewpoints and many intelligent friendly people to network with. I did contribute money to the site, as it is free to access and allows whites to discuss issues supressed by the indignant anti-white christians, leftists, and globalists haunting USA. It encourages positive reform and helps isolated people reach out and communicate as well as angry people have debates or discussions with people of opposing viewpoints. We will develop allies, and we will probably have some times that illustrates Lincoln’s adage; “Politics makes for strange bedfellows…”

        • Mike

          The link under my name is for an entirely different website, Western Voices World News. Stormfront is not a “neo nazi” site. It is a white website. There are whites from the whole spectrum and from many countries. There are some regular contributors who are mildly anti or even vehemently, and a few who are strange supporters. Its a discussion website. You are stressing out about something that is natural: when we are obsessively neglected by the big money media, we form our own media and we’ll eventually re-occupy the mainstream media, as it should be. You white-hating zionists and white traitors are “nazis” in your sense of the word and fail to realize it.

        • Flap

          Stormfront is classified a hate Ne0-Nazi site that has been banned in parts of Germany.

          The Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a white pride Internet forum with the motto “White Pride World Wide”. Many organizations describe it as a neo-Nazi organization, and accuse it of promoting racism, hate speech, and violence.[1][2][3] It has been listed as a hate site, and a number of Internet content filters prevent access to it.[4][5] In Germany, access to Stormfront is blocked by some ISPs in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.[6][7]

          Stormfront is owned by Don Black, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who was a member of the American Nazi Party in the 1970s.[8][9]In 1981, Black was arrested as he prepared to board a boat stocked with weapons and ammunition to invade Dominica in what he and his accomplices dubbed Operation Red Dog. Black was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the attempted invasion. He created the website after receiving his first computer training in prison.[10]

          So, I am a white-hating zionist then?

          What do you think about the Jews?

        • Mike

          Jews are not holy. They are not tolerant. They enjoy the dispossession and supression of whites. They have enjoyed the exploitation of Europeans. They do not like generally to live in non-white “developing” countries. They do not raise a cry about “multiculturalism” in asian countries like they do in European countries!

        • Mike

          Almost all websites that promote discussion or preservation of white languages, cultures, traditions, or identities are routinely banned by crap like NetNanny. That is hate.

        • Flap

          I know what I read.

          Jews are not holy.

          Stormfront is an anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi White Supremecist discussion site.

          Plain and simple.

        • Mike

          That is what I just typed. Jews are not holy. They claim to christians all the time to be some kind of morally superior chosen people. That is the most racist thing i’ve ever heard.

  • Alexia for Ron Paul

    Through no fault of his own, Rep. Ron Paul’s anti-globalist, anti-government campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has become a magnet in neo-Nazi networks,

    I saw yesterday that Castro supports Obama and CLinton. Does that make them communists?

        • Flap

          The ad is pretty blatant solicitation, no?

          Did you read the thread where supporters of Ron Paul hype him before the stormfront folks? Pretty much a pander there.

        • Mike

          Why are all whites who want their independence back “neo-nazis” and why are all websites that oppose forced integration, subjugation of Whites, and detrimental “trade unions” called “hate” sites? Hate is not a crime, its a human reaction to things that harm us, and if you think that is all we feel, you are far too shallow to feel anything else and you project it on us.

        • Mike

          Jews aren’t holy. Israel is not our ally. Israel is not a democratic role model for the middle east. Whites are being subjugated as the deliberate failure of our government to represent us and its measures of attrition are deliberately and openly aimed at decimating and rendering us powerless in our own country. Did you see Paula Zahn and her cohort abusing the host of Political Cesspool radio show recently? That was their commentary, that whites are being displaced forcefully by policy and without recourse? That we are being pushed by a treacherous failure of a government into a detrimental population war with our traditional enemies from Mexico and other places that have historically terrorised whites (turks, muslims, chinese, argentine communists, etc?)

        • Mike

          Maybe you are old enough to remember personally when US national guard troops were deployed to force black students into white schools, resisting protestors at gunpoint?

        • Flap

          Sounds like Nazi anti-Jew crapola and KKK stuff.


          And, I do remember the Civil Rights struggles of blacks in the 1950’s.

          But, what does this have to do with Ron Paul?

          Does he subscribe to these beliefs?

        • Mike

          I don’t give a rats ass about any kkk. But using military force to subjugate whites in our schools was an example to answer your question.

          Again, not that hes ever said, but hes a stepping stone in preserving what is left of our freedom and rebounding. End AIPAC, end zionist wars, crush the Non-American Union.

        • Kyle

          “The ad is pretty blatant solicitation, no?”

          for one thing it’s not an advertisement, it’s a widget. and for the umpteenth time any one in the world can put it on their site.

          no I didn’t read any of the comments on the stormfront site. from what I understand it is a white supremacist hang out. wouldn’t care to read anything off it. why were you lurking on the site that you Know so much about it?

        • Flap

          I read some of the thread on Ron Paul.

          Again, the Paul campaign should demand the removal of the widget from the site. I am positive they are aware of it.

          It is a racist, Anti-Semitic site.

          Do you care to be associated with such types?

          Apparently so. Birds of a feather?

      • Mike

        Ron Pauls official campaign has nothing to do with stormfront. Stormfront readers have put thier own links and youtube video links supporting someone we see as vital to saving our country: He wants to lower taxes, end the illegal immigration and corporate flimflamming that is cutting down our ability to have quality of life and raise children in a safe environment, end AIPac (the israeli lobby that forces the hand of many US officials), and preserve our firearms rights. Whats not to like about that?

        • Mike

          why should the Israeli lobby have any influence over US policy, esp with thier hostilities? Why aren’t they forced to register as foreign agents if they are allowed to lobby?

        • Mike

          I dislike them because they don’t want independence and freedom for whites, they want war for zionist interests, they want the kosher tax on american foods, they want freedom to come as they please to interfere with our affairs. They demand loyalty to a foreign government and raise money for a country that does not serve us as true allies.

    • Jael

      That is bull. Why should Mr Paul demand Stormfront withdraw their support of his campaign? I am a member of Stormfront and I know there is some “hate” stuff promoted by some, but if you read the majority of what is posted there…its pro white.

      What is wrong with being pro-white? We are a proud people who have contributed much to our civilization and have contributed to the up keep of other countries as well. We have always been a people to give to those less fortunate then we have been. Look at all the money we have sent to all of the third world countries. They never pay us back and yet we keep sending to money to them. Have you looked, really looked lately at our own country? It is being over run by illegal aliens… in some of our southern states, hospitals are shutting down because they can no longer stay open and take care of these people.

      We are a proud people…I am! I am proud to be white and I will not allow anyone to dictate to me…that I should hang my head because I am white and want to support another American for wanting to get us out of wars we do not belong in.

      I support our troops as most people at Stormfront do. We just want to brought back home to take care of our own invasion. Our southern states are over run and our own government will not stop this before the south becomes another part of Mexico. If you don’t believe this …then get on the net…take a little vacation to the states of New Mexico, Arkansaw…especially the NW area, California, Arizona…I know my own state of Illinois is starting to be over run with them in Chicago.

      Yes, we at Stormfront support Ron Paul and will continue to do so. I do not believe he has to be a White Nationalist for anyone to support him, tho I wish he were. He is an American who is trying to give back to America what we once had. A government for the people and by the people.

      Wake up, before you find yourself a second class citizen … if you are not already! Please wake up … we are in a war here to preserve the future for all white children. What is wrong with that? Why do our kids have to be bused to a place where there are nothing but other races there? Why can’t they stay in their own neighborhoods as it was when I was a child. No, I was not in the better parts of town which had better schools as some where in my town, but at least I went to school with those of my own race. What is wrong with that?

      Blacks have the black college funds…we don’t because we would be called racists.
      Blacks have their own tv channels…we don’t because we would be called racists.

      Jews have their own college funds…and they don’t even follow the rules the ADL says we have to follow here in the United States Of America. Why?

      I am truly not a person who “hates” other races … I just want to be allowed to love my own race and be proud to say I am white…and that my race has contributed many great leaders for our world. Stormfront talks about these kinds of things…we want our troops home…what is wrong with that, we need them on our own borders. We do not want to protect a country which doesn’t even follow the rules the ADL wants to shove down our throats.

      Wake up America you are being had…all races have been had and they’d better find out the enemy is not the white race…it never has been. We have helped all races ,… when are they going to return the favor?

      Ron Paul, is a start…wake up!

  • R

    Uhm anyone can put that on their site as Kyle said, whether Ron Paul likes it or not. You went to all that trouble to post a screen shot, you could have just asked someone. It’s like linking to a jpeg.

    • Flap

      Ron Paul should direct Stormfront to take it down. Plain and simple.

      If not, then he should be held accountable in the world of public opinion.

      Voters will draw their own conclusions, right?

      • Mike

        Pauls message is the preservation of American sovereignty and the improvement of our alliances by not subjecting ourselves to international courts or UN type fascist unions.

        • Mike

          United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the SPP or North American Union. All of this crap wants to use an international court to control United states policy. Things of this nature lead to international armed forces policing a country and terrorising its citizens if the afflicted country does not cooperate with the internationalists goals or if they are made a scapegoat for its failures.

        • Mike

          We should withdraw from the United nations, as it is an attempt at world government, and it calls for disarmament and displacement of American whites.

  • Gregor Morrill

    This is sad.

    I mean, this is a mainstream media style non-story.

    As already pointed out, it’s a widget that can be posted on a web site, not a paid advertisement from the Ron Paul campaign.

    I look forward to your correction, which should involve strikeout of most of your text, including the headline.

    • Flap

      No, I am looking forward to Ron Paul explaining this tonight at the GOP debates.

      And, he should demand that Stormfront take the widget down.

      Wonder if the House will censure Ron Paul for this?

      • Savannah

        I imagine that will censure Paul for it just as soon as they censure Obama for all the support he receives from Black Nationalists. Perhaps we can even censure almost every single one of the candidates for the support they receive from Zionists.

        • Flap

          So, Savannah, are you anti-Semitic? Do you resent the Jews?

          Do you support raising money from hate web sites?

          Tell Flap more……

        • Savannah

          No, Flap, I am not anti-Semitic. One needn’t be anti-Semitic to disagree with sending astronomical sums of money to Israel. Perhaps you’d like to check out a website called “Jews For Ron Paul.” Are they anti-Semitic too?

          As for money coming from hate sites, as long as they haven’t broken any law, they have as much right as you or me to donate money as they see fit. How come you only respond to what you want to? How do you feel about Black Nationalists contributing to Obama’s campaign fund?

        • Flap

          It doesn’t bother you to be associated with Neo-Nazis? And White Supremicists?

          Do you repudiate their beliefs at Stormfront?

          Don’t you think Ron Paul should repudiate them?

          I have no idea about Obama’s campaign.

        • Savannah

          You’re the one making the association. Anyone with common sense knows that candidates have no control over who supports them. Charles Manson could come out in support of Ron Paul, and that would never mean that Paul is associated with him. I think Paul should repudiate them as soon as Obama repudiates the racist Black Nationalists who support him. In other words, neither Paul nor Obama needs to repudiate anybody, unless those supporters are somehow breaking the law.

        • Mike

          NO stormfront authors are soliciting money for Ron Paul there. The ad stays! We like the guy and even if not on all points, becuase of the main points.

        • Flap

          Did you place the ad there, Mike?

          And, how do you know that NO stormfront authors are soliciting money. They are mostly anonymous.

          How do you know?

  • DM

    Pathetic and libelous. Anyone can post that graphic on their website. It’s on hundreds of blogs! Lawsuits have been filed for less outrageous lies than the one in your post title.

    • Flap

      How about the Ron Paul campaign pulling the ad and repudiating Stormfront?

      Think this will happen?

      Or does Paul like to be associated with Neo-Nazi White Nationalists?

      • DM

        How are they going to “pull it”? They didn’t place it there to begin with and have no control over who puts the widget on their site.

        Paul is running a campaign for President, not running a campaign to repudiate every organization he doesn’t agree with. Why would he preoccupy himself with such a silly thing? Just to counter your desperate little smear?

        Flap, I expect you to hunt down every sex offender that has ever read and enjoyed or linked to your blog, and denounce each of them publicly in order to prove to me that you do not support sex offenders; because as things stand now, I have to assume that you do.

  • Michael Bass

    Whoever runs the site must like Paul. Now come on, you know that the entire Republican party are racists. About 95% of blacks vote democrat because the white people in the democratic party aren’t racists and truly care about minority’s and the poor. So to make out like Paul is “special” because “racists” support him – what a joke – all white people in the Republican party are racists. Didn’t you know this?? Have you not been watching CNN in the last year?

  • Jeff

    You know what’s funny about how off everyone’s political views are? Nazis are socialists and were in favor of big government and entitlement programs and the such. People are so messed up today and just associate with a party with name recognition.

  • Savannah

    Imagine that. More baloney from the Flapper. Let’s try to get this straight: That graphic can be placed on ANY website. The Paul campaign has nothing to do with where it is placed. Furthermore, however you feel about racists or websites like Stormfront, they have every right to display the graphic, and every right to contribute to the political candidate of their choice. And Paul has every right to accept donations from ANYONE in this country who is not breaking the law in doing so.

    What you are suggesting is UN-AMERICAN and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. What are you, a member of the THOUGHT POLICE? You don’t like racists contributing to presidential campaigns? Then should we assume you are over on Obama’s website telling them to speak out against all the Black Nationalists who support him and donate to him?

    You have one motive, and that is to discredit Dr. Paul and his campaign, whether there’s anything to criticize or not. You’re like a hawk, circling overhead to swoop down and attack at the first opportunity.

    You want to prevent people you don’t like from donating to presidential campaigns? Go live in a Communist country. This is AMERICA, and any person or group who is not breaking the law can do whatever they want with their money. And Ron Paul has every right to accept donations from ANYONE who is not breaking the law.

    • Flap

      So, you think it is fine receiving campaign contributions from Neo-Nazis? It is OK to be associated with anti-Semites? And known, proud racists?

      Ron Paul should tell his campaign to take that ad off Stormfront.

      Savannah, do you support what is being promoted on Stormfront?

      • Savannah

        If it is fine for Obama to receive campaign contributions from black racists, and it is fine for Hillary to receive campaign contributions from Jewish racists, then it should be fine for Paul to receive campaign contributions from white racists. Would you not agree? Or are there certain laws for some people and different laws for others?

        Ron Paul should take any and all money that is donated to him legally, and that includes money from people we don’t particularly care for.

        Flap, do you support what is being promoted at Black Nationalist websites?

        • Flap

          You are setting up strawman arguments. The topic is Ron Paul and Stormfront, not Hillary and Obama.

          But, tell me about Hillary’s Jewish racists.

          Ron Paul should return the money from these people and repudiate them.

          Don’t you think this is the right thing to do?

        • Savannah

          If it is the right thing to do, then Obama must return all monies received from Black Nationalists, and Clinton must return all monies received from Zionists. Look up “straw man” argument. There is no straw man here. I am offering a perfect analogy. Black racists contribute to Obama and support him on their websites, and white racists contribute to Paul and support him on their websites. Where’s the straw man? And why should one thing be allowed and not the other? Are some racists better than others? Unless you are complaining about ALL candidates who are supported by racists, you have no reason to complain about Paul. Unless your real goal is to demonize Paul at every available opportunity.

          Do I think returning the money would be the right thing to do? Sure, as soon as Obama gives back all the money he received from black racists.

          Even if it WERE the right thing to do, how do you suppose that money could be returned? Stormfront isn’t an organization, it’s just a website. There’s no list of names, addresses and phone numbers. Isn’t there some actual Nazi from South Carolina running for President? Wouldn’t you assume that most people who consider themselves “Nazis” would be voting for that guy? I seriously doubt that if there’s a Nazi running most of the white racist money would go toward that guy and not Paul.

          In any case it doesn’t matter. A law-abiding citizen of this country is allowed to contribute to any candidate they wish, and any candidate is allowed to receive money from any law-abiding citizen. Thoughts and opinions we dislike are not crimes. When you talk about taking away the rights of those people to donate, you sound like a Commie.

          As a side note, I wonder if you are aware that Dr. Paul has talked about the possibility of Walter E. Williams as a running mate. Williams is a black conservative economist. If Paul is truly a racist, why on earth would he consider a black Vice-President? Your attacks on him are based on nothing in reality.

        • Flap

          there is absolutely no way of Knowing what (if any) money was donated by the stormfront volk.

          That is the point of the ad and the blatant pander. You can take their money and no one knows – until now.

          This is why you Paulites are so defensive.

          Will you have a Neo-Mazi meetup group for Ron Paul?

        • Kyle

          that’s the way it works. same with any campaign. but specifically here there is no referer mechanism on the widget.

          I’m not defensive about anything. I’ve just been stating some facts, meanwhile trying to plug some important things happening in the country:

          and no, no nazis meetups from me. according to you, there are plenty of folks out there ready to organize them without my help.


        • Flap

          Watch the poor language.

          But, the campaign allows it to remain. They should demand that it be taken off.

          Or does the Paul campaign wish to be associated with convicted felons and Neo-Nazis?

        • Flap

          Changing the subject again, I see.

          So, you enjoy having the Paul campaign be associated with the Neo-Nazis?

          Or do YOU subscribe to their views? Does Paul?

        • Kyle

          I don’t give a rat’s arse who associates themselves with the campaign. we need all the votes we can get. but of course felons can’t vote normally, so don’t worry about the really bad types…

          no I don’t ‘subscribe’ ‘their’ ‘views’. neither does paul. why do you ask?

          yes, changing the subject…you do Know that the subject to which I change is the most important in America, right?

  • SJ Reidhead

    I’ve been writing about this for months. The thing that “thrills” me most is the fact that people are starting to take notice of Ron Paul’s associates. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is no fluke. Months ago I uncovered direct evidence that those lovely folks at Stormfront were trying to infiltrate the GOP. We have some very serious problems here. Frankly, I don’t think this is something that should be taken lightly.

    SJ Reidhead
    The Pink Flamingo

      • Flap

        How about someone from the campaign? How about Ron Paul himself?

        The campaign turns their head the other way and banks the money from the Neo-Nazis.


  • Jeremy

    How about this, you guys show me something Ron Paul said or did that racist. Until you can I wont listen to this childish “race card playing”.

    Any nutcase can say he supports any candidate. The candidate cannot be guilty by association, thats just stupid and its an attempt to avoid debate on actual issues.

  • Flap

    How about this?: Ron Paul takes the ad down from the Neo-Nazi site, period.

    Ron Paul should repudiate the stormfront placement of the ad.

  • Mike

    Better to vote for a Libertarian running as Republican than a communist running as a democrat! Over and out. You’re cramming my mailbox with all the posts. Good day, hope you are satisfied: RP didn’t put the stormfront ad up, and you should quit insulting all of his value voters calling them all neonazis. That word is like nigger: its so used up it isn’t even fun to say it any more. The RP wants end to wars of agression, abolition of IRS, promotes anti-Abortion measures: we can like it if we want to. Hooray.

  • Savannah

    Flap you are usually so consistent in responding to every comment here. You seem to have missed this one from me:

    “As a side note, I wonder if you are aware that Dr. Paul has talked about the possibility of Walter E. Williams as a running mate. Williams is a black conservative economist. If Paul is truly a racist, why on earth would he consider a black Vice-President?”

  • Flap

    I have no idea.

    But, since Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee, it really is a moot point.

    Isn’t it?

    Will Ron Paul run on another third party ticket?

    Last nighton Fox News he refused to endorse the nominee of the GOP.

    • Savannah

      It isn’t a moot point in terms of you trying to paint Paul as a racist. I offered you evidence to the contrary, and you call it a “moot point.” Admit it – a racist would never be talking about choosing a black man as a running mate.

      I saw him refuse to endorse the nominee of the GOP. And he gave a perfectly valid reason: to do so would mean going against everything he has stood for in the past 30 years. Unlike the other GOP candidates, Paul does not flip-flop and change what he says depending on who he’s talking to just to get votes. He’s consistent and he’s honest. He is anti-Iraq war – why on earth would he ever endorse any of those war-mongers, who go against the very Founding Fathers of this nation? If Paul DID endorse any of those fools, I’d lose all respect for him.

      • Flap

        It is moot since Paul will not be nominated by the GOP. How can he choose a running mate? He WON”T be running in the GOP.

        Now if he decides to run as a Libertarian or Constitutional Party member then he can choose a running mate.

        Also, has Paul actually named Walter Williams?

        Uh, no.

        Tell me why Paul bas booed at least twice last night at the GOP debate?

        • Savannah

          Do you have brain damage? We weren’t talking about Paul’s chances of being nominated by the GOP. We were talking about your implications that Paul is a racist.

          As far as I can tell, no candidate has yet named a running mate. Why single out Paul? He has mentioned that Walter E. Williams would make a good Vice President. Pretty strange comment coming from a racist.

          At the last Fox debate, Paul got cheers for saying the exact same things. Then Hannity lied and said the text poll was rigged, even though you can only vote once from each cell phone. At this recent debate, it’s obvious the audience was loaded with pro-war Neocons. If that isn’t true, then why was Paul booed at one Fox debate and cheered at another. And of course, Hannity tells the exact same LIE about the text polling. Paul won it twice, fair and square. I can’t tell you what joy it brings me to watch Hannity squirm like a little girl every time he realizes Paul has won another round.

          Now, when are you going to chance the headline of this entry? That is also a lie.

        • Savannah

          What name did I call you? I asked you if you were brain-damaged, since you can’t seem to stay focused on the points made in any one of my posts.

          Why would anybody care what some member of a pre-selected “focus group” says about Ron Paul? The debate was broadcast on FOXNEWS after all. Anyone with two neurons in their head knows that FOX is at the top of the list when it comes to demonizing and marginalizing Ron Paul. Their job is to promote the pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-illegal immigration Ghouliani, even though he is not a Republican in any sense of the word.

          Your headline is a lie. Ron Paul, nor any member of his campaign, placed that widget there. To say that they did is a LIE. But I guess lies and misinformation is what you have to use when you don’t have any valid arguments.

  • Wiseburn


    Can’t you make up your mind who is supporting Paul?

    First it’s the truthers

    then Left Wing Groups

    and you think Paul should run as a Libertarian

    Back to the far left with ANSWER

    Now it’s the fascist neo-nazi’s?

    I’m surprised you haven’t complained about his support from 2000 Michigan College students
    and from Engineers at Google. Does Paul Watch only look places where Guiliani has absolutely no support whatsoever? (I’m being a little extreme here. I know of two Libertarian Republicans who support Rudy)

    It seems Paul is getting support from everywhere except BIG Government North East Liberal RINO Neo-conservatives who have no chance of beating Hillary.


  • Flap

    All of the above.

    A weird mixture for a weirder candidate. He appeals and panders to all of these groups.

    The reason Steve your comment was sent to spam originally is the number of links included in your post. As you know, most commercial spammers do this.

    • Flap

      Doesn’t need to be corrected.

      It is Ron Paul’s campaign widget on the site.

      He can ask for it to be removed. He hasn’t. His campaign obviously approves. As of 5:00 PM PDT Ocotber 22, 2007 it is still at

      The End.

      • Savannah

        Obama has not asked racist Black Nationalist websites to stop supporting him. His campaign obviously approves.

        Not asking for the widget to be removed is not the same as having placed it there yourself. Your headline is a lie.

      • Gregor Morrill

        Paul Places Campaign Solicitation on Neo-Nazi Hate Site

        Neither Paul nor his campaign placed it on the site.

        You lied.

        Now you say your lie doesn’t need to be corrected (notably, not disputing that it is, indeed, a lie). This reveals that you don’t really care about this matter at all, other than as a smear attempt.

        He could ask for it to be removed. You don’t know that he hasn’t. You don’t know that his campaign is even aware of it being on that site. It’s hosted by a third party, on close to 2000 sites. I highly doubt the campaign monitors the contents of all those sites. There is no approval process for adding the widget.

        The End.

        • Flap

          This reminds me of the anti-Iraq War saying the George Bush lied…….

          Gregor, do you approve of

          And, please feel free to contact the Ron Paul campaign I would like to hear their take on the placement. As, I am sure Dr. Paul’s constituents in Texas.

  • Flap

    Savannah, provide me the links on the Black Nationalist Obama stuff would you?

    Now, do we really know who placed the ad at But, it is still there, right?

    So, the Ron Paul campaign must think it is OK. You think it is ok. I think it is reprehensible.

    • Gregor Morrill

      Now, do we really know who placed the ad at

      Uhm, you yourself claimed to “know”, by the very headline you used and then defended. So do you know or did you lie?

      So, the Ron Paul campaign must think it is OK. You think it is ok. I think it is reprehensible.

      This is a logical fallacy.

    • Savannah

      Farrakhan Lauds Obama’s ‘Fresh Approach’ to Politics

      Farrakhan, of course, is the leader of the Nation of Islam, probably the largest and most well-known black separatist group. Should the Obama campaign return all monies received from Nation of Islam members?

      Now, if we really don’t know who placed the ad at stormfront, then why does your headline make a claim you cannot substantiate? If you don’t know who placed it, then your headline is a lie.

      You are entitled to your opinion. Just be consistent. If white nationalists supporting Paul is reprehensible to you, then black nationalists supporting Obama should be equally reprehensible

      • Flap

        You are saying the same things over and over again.

        I have no idea what Obama is doing in his campaign and so far you haven’t shown anything that he is doing that is as reprehensible as soliciting money on a Neo-Nazi site.

        And you and the others continue to dwell on the semantics. No, I do not know who in the campaign designed the widget and allowed it to be placed and where.

        I do not know how much money they have raised from the Neo-Nazi group at

        I DO know that the Ron Paul camapign has allowed this ad and continues to allow this ad to appear at this “HATE” site.

        This is reprehensible.

        They should take the ad down and return the money.

        • Gregor Morrill

          The only thing you know is that an animated Flash graphic encouraging financial support for Ron Paul is displayed on the bottom of Stormfront’s page.

          This Flash graphic is hosted at, a third-party company that hosts such widgets for easy use by web authors. This company offers a variety of ways to easily include the widget on a web site, blog, or social networking profile – all without an approval process.

          Look! I just did it in under a minute.

          This widget is listed as created by “Ron Paul 2008 / Terra Eclipse Media Design”. Terra Eclipse Media Design is responsible for the design of, so it’s safe to say the widget design was paid for by the campaign.

          Everything else is an assumption; you’ve admitted as much.

          You have presented no evidence that the Ron Paul campaign placed, paid for, or otherwise requested the graphic be placed there.

          You have presented no evidence that the Ron Paul campaign is aware the graphic is on the site, thus you have no basis for an argument that they are “allowing” it.

          Even if your assumption was correct, that does not make Ron Paul or his campaign racist, neo-Nazi, or supporters of such ideologies. As I pointed out to you previously, to suggest such is employing the “guilt by association” logical fallacy.

        • Flap

          Why do you reply to various commnet threads and not stay on the thread where I ask you direct questions about your arguments?

          Ron Paul’s campaign paid for the ad. It does not say directly but I believe this may be a federal election law requirement.

          Gregor, you are not with the campaign so everything you say is noise.

          If you do not have a problem with Ron Paul being associated with a Neo-Nazi web site then why all of the fuss?

          And, when you go here, there is now a disclaimer up: *note: This event is a grassroots effort and is not associated with the Official Ron Paul campaign. Donations are to be made ONLY at the Official Ron Paul website at

          So, who is paying for the ad? I believe under federal election law the campaign must disclose this in-kind donation.

          When the campaign responds to your e-mail I will post what they say.

        • Gregor Morrill

          What questions haven’t I answered? Unless I’ve overlooked one, I’ve responded to all your questions. I even went the extra mile and sent the email that you should have sent them yourself.

          Ron Paul’s campaign paid for the ad.

          They paid a company to create the widget, yes. You have not provided evidence they are using it as a paid ad anywhere, e.g. “The Ron Paul campaign paid $X for this widget to be displayed”.

          Gregor, you are not with the campaign so everything you say is noise.

          You’re not with the campaign either. I’ve presented logical facts that you have not yet refuted. “Noise”, psh. Your assumptions are “noise.”

          I’m sorry, but you don’t seem to be grasping the difference between a paid ad placement on a site, and a voluntary banner placement. Are you saying the example site I put together (linked above) requires a “paid for by Ron Paul campaign” disclaimer, even though I’ve not been paid by the campaign to place it there?

  • Flap

    This lie stuff is getting a litle droll, don’t you think?

    I have explained this over and over.

    So, please have the campaign contact me then. Until then I will assume the campaign has allowed this placement.

    How do YOU know whether the campaign placed the ad or not? Are you with the campaign?

    They are certainly accepting money from this Neo-Nazi site, aren’t they?

    Does this not bother you in the least? As I said before, it is reprehensible for a United States Representative to have a campaign ad on a Neo-Nazi White Supremecist “hate” site.

    Ron Paul should direct it be taken down.

    • Gregor Morrill

      Yes, your lying is quite droll, and your attempts to justify it are saddening.

      Contact the campaign yourself, if you really care about this so much and think it’s so “reprehensible.” You could have done that to begin with, got the answer in probably 5 minutes, and saved all this time. That apparently would not have served your purposes, though.

      You’re right, since I’m not with the campaign or otherwise have inside knowledge, I cannot say with 100% certainty that the campaign did not place the widget on their site.

      1) You made the claim, so the burden lies on you to prove it, not on me to disprove it. (Keep trying with the logical fallacies, though.)
      2) Having just a passing familiarity with Ron Paul and his record over the past 20+ years makes it pretty obvious (I’d say 99.9999% certainty) that he would not seek out advertising on such a site, paid or otherwise.
      3) Having just a passing familiarity with the Internet and how those widgets work, it’s easy to see there is no evidence to back up your assumption (unless you care to enlighten us).

      I happen to have more than just a passing knowledge of Ron Paul, as well as the Internet. You want it to be true that the campaign allowed its placement; thus you assume it is and pass it off as fact. That’s called lying.

      And yes, I’m sure the campaign is accepting donations from legal, US citizens via their online donation form (which that widget links to from hundreds of sites) – however those people may come across his campaign. I have not seen any evidence indicating that the campaign is accepting funds in an illegal fashion.

      I have just as much distaste for the “white supremacy” ideology and all that similar crap. It’s reprehensible and I want nothing to do with it. I’m quite convinced that Ron Paul has nothing to do with those ideologies, and that he is not going to be “bought out” by some racist special interest groups.

      If John Doe, a white supremacist, wants to willingly donate to the campaign and knows full well that Ron Paul doesn’t support his views – as long as it’s legal, well it’s kind of his loss then, isn’t it?

      I’m not being flippant about this, I would certainly be concerned if a majority of his campaign was financed by those types. Then it would start to smell fishy. I have not seen or heard any evidence to that effect, though, and I find it hard to believe that ever would be the case, given Paul’s outspoken principles that contradict theirs.

      I think it’s important to note that we’re referring to individual donations here, not something like “$500,000 donated from Stormfront!” The truth of the matter is that there are unsavory types who donate to all sorts of campaigns. I’m sure even the other top-tier Republican candidates have donors who (if everything was known) you would find their views “reprehensible.”

      • Flap

        I say the campaign knows full well what it was doing and continues the ad on this site because they are deriving money from it.

        The site is a Neo-Nazi “hate” site where Anti-Semites comment about why they hate the Jews. This is reprehensible.

        You are not with the campaign and yet say I lie. I say the headline is truthful but would listen to the campaign or Dr. Paul to tell me otherwise.

        If they allow the widget, they approved it or are grossly negligent.

        I am waiting to hear from the campaign.

        • Gregor Morrill

          You admitted you don’t know what’s really happened, that you’re only assuming what’s happened. When one assumes something and passes it off as a fact, it’s lying, even if only by negligence.

          I say you’re ignorant of how these widgets work, because you demonstrably are.

          Placing the widget on your site entails:

          1) Visiting this site
          2) Copying the code
          3) Pasting the code in an HTML document on your site, or even just in a blog post

          That’s it. There is no “approval” process.

          If you want to hear from the campaign, get off your lazy keyboard and call them. Or stay on your keyboard and email them. Don’t complain about us not doing your fact checking for you.

        • Flap

          You are the one that is complaining. A warning for you Gregor. Name call again and you are gone.

          For being a Ron Paul supporter you do not know how to contact the campaign or do you not want the campaign to be involved?

          I suspect the latter.

        • Gregor Morrill

          I’m familiar with your comments policy. I was looking for a specific answer since I wasn’t sure if it was my references saying you had lied, or saying you were ignorant of how these widgets work, or if I had fallen under the general “offended you” category, or something else entirely.

          Despite what you may think about me, I’m not trying to be annoying or disrespect your turf and comment policy; I was only seeking clarification. Thank you.

        • Gregor Morrill

          Yes, I am complaining about what several people now have perceived as a lack of fact checking. Your response has essentially been, “contact the campaign and fact check it!”, which strikes me as illogical.

          Nonetheless, I’ll go the extra mile and do it. I just sent an email and BCCed you on it.

        • Flap

          I look forward to their response and will publish your e-mail and their response in the morning.

          I know what they are doing and continue to do.

        • Gregor Morrill

          Ok, please leave my email address out, of course. A response might not come right away, I got an autoresponder message:

          Thank you for contacting the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign.

          Our staff and volunteers are working hard to read or answer emails in a timely manner. However, we are experiencing an increasing volume of email which is placing a strain on our resources.

          During this period, we appreciate your patience in waiting for a reply.

          If you have any urgent requests such as interview requests or speaking engagements for Dr. Paul please call us at (703) 248-9115.

          So calling might be a quicker option if you want to post something tomorrow.

        • Flap

          I somehow don’t think they will want to get involved.

          Because, then, they will have to disavow the ad, restrict the widget and account for the money.

          Can you imagine all of the Jewish organizations in his home district picketing his office?

        • OneUp

          “I say the campaign knows full well what it was doing and continues the ad on this site because they are deriving money from it.”

          You base this on what again? Do you have a mole in the campaign? How could you be all knowing? Please show me the evidence that this is the case. Put up or shut up. The truth is you don’t know jack shit. The truth is you like to libel and smear someone you don’t agree with.

  • LibertysLegacy


    “It is Ron Paul’s campaign widget on the site.”


    “He can ask for it to be removed.”

    Marginal. He could ask but what if they refused? Should Ron send in federal troops to silence their 1st Amendment rights?

    “He hasn’t”

    Speculation. Source please?

    ” His campaign obviously approves.”

    Wild, reckless and unsupported assertion. Which is why you are being called out on this article.


  • Flap

    Patrick, you are with the Ron Paul campaign?

    I would love to have them contact me.

    How about helping me out and sending the e-mail?

  • LibertysLegacy


    I just support his candidacy and I know enough about the man and the movement to understand why they wouldn’t waste five seconds responding to such a request. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights protects everyone’s right to free speech and freedom of association, primarily in regard to political speech be it “racialist” or not.

    I personally disagree with those who believe race is in any way a relevant factor in the pursuit of “Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness” but I defend their right to disagree.

    “Liberty for me but not for thee” is to my mind, hypocrisy of the highest order and as such, I prefer not to be party to it.


      • Savannah

        “I say the campaign knows full well what it was doing and continues the ad on this site because they are deriving money from it.”

        Do you think when people make donations it says something like “From Stormfront!” This widget is on something like 2000 websites, and there is NO WAY for the campaign to tell which people are contributing from which websites. There is NO CONNECTION between website administrators placing these widgets and the Paul campaign. There is no “approval process.”

        “The site is a Neo-Nazi “hate” site where Anti-Semites comment about why they hate the Jews. This is reprehensible.”

        Reprehensible or not, they’re not breaking any laws, and they have a Constitutional right to donate to whomever they choose. Just as Nation of Islam members have the right to contribute to the Obama campaign.

        Try to remember that this is America. You don’t have the right to tell others what they can or cannot do as long as they remain within the law, no matter how much you disagree with their viewpoint.

        • Savannah

          When you don’t address people’s arguments, they will tend to repeat them. You still have not addressed my arguments. But I’ll let you have the last word on this Flap, as talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. Anyone reading all of this who has any common sense will see the truth, and your lies.

  • Flap

    Do you think when people make donations it says something like “From Stormfront!” This widget is on something like 2000 websites, and there is NO WAY for the campaign to tell which people are contributing from which websites. There is NO CONNECTION between website administrators placing these widgets and the Paul campaign. There is no “approval process.”

    How do you know?

    Are you with the campaign?

    So, it is OK for Ron Paul to associate himself with Anti-Semites? And Racists? and Neo-Nazis?

    You are right I do not have the right to tell others what to do. But I DO have the right to call THIS reprehensible and hold Ron Paul accountable for it.

  • Flap

    After re-reading the ad on and clicking through to the November 5 site, I noticed this disclaimer:

    *note: This event is a grassroots effort and is not associated with the Official Ron Paul campaign. Donations are to be made ONLY at the Official Ron Paul website at

    This is very clever. Fundraise with deniability. Is it legal? I do not believe it meets federal disclosure requirements but I will let the election law lawyers sort this one out.

    As a result, I have changed the headline on the post to more accurately reflect the situation.

    I still feel it is reprehensible for Ron Paul and his campaign to allow ANY group to place an ad on his behalf on this Neo-Nazi “HATE” site.

    • Gregor Morrill

      “This November 5th” is a grassroots campaign, correct.

      This is different than the initial widget that started this whole discussion. It appears whoever runs Stormfront decided to change the widget to the “This November 5th” campaign, which is just a grassroots campaign to urge supporters to donate on a specific day.

      Is it legal? Gee, I don’t know, is it legal for me to make a blog post saying “Hey, if you support Ron Paul, donate some money”, along with a link to the official campaign donation form? (The answer is yes, by the way).

  • Haha Morons


    Right wing bigots and racists claim Jesus as their savior and use his image/crucifics. Does that make Jesus RACIST?

    Im sure all the candidates have iffy supporters. I’m willing to bet Rudy and Fred have racists supporting them.

    Nuff said

  • OneUp

    Your article is nothing more than libel. I suggest you take it down if you have any brain cells left in your head. That is clearly an embedded flash on the Stormfont website. If you bothered to look you would see the “get & share” tab at the bottom. Any dork can swipe the flash and place it on their own website.

    “I still feel it is reprehensible for Ron Paul and his campaign to allow ANY group to place an ad on his behalf on this Neo-Nazi “HATE” site” Flap

    No one placed an ad. If you bothered to do any research you would see that the code to place the flash is on the website. So any website owner could post the flash if they so choose. Which is out of the control of Ron Paul and his supporters. Now stop being the mental midget that your are and actually don’t some real research on a topic before you post.

    The code is there. Anyone can copy. End of story.

  • OneUp

    “Ron Paul Watch: Paul Campaign Solicitation on Neo-Nazi Hate Site – The FLAP Part Two”

    Still libel. You have provided nothing to back the claim up.

  • OneUp

    “Is it that Ron Paul is sucking up to the Neo-Nazis to raise campaign cash?”

    Good thing you provided a question mark at the end, but you are starting to border on defamation.

    • Flap

      Oh excuse me!

      It is a widget (ad) that solicits funds to support Ron Paul’s Presidential candidacy.

      Is that better for you?

      What do you think of this on the Neo-Nazi “Hate” site?

      • RonPaul4Pres

        I’m a Ron Paul Supporter and I don’t like it either. BUT WHAT CAN WE DO FLAP? Its a widget that is hotlinked by everyone. Should i track down every racist in america and tell them to not to vote?

  • Tom Dotson

    The last refuge of one losing an argument is the employment of the ad hominem and the epithet. Thus your frequent reference to “Neo-nazis” and “Hate.”

    I am a retired businessman and Air Force veteran who reads Stormfront regularly and posts occasionally. I am not a neo-nazi. I do not “Hate” negroes or Jews or any other group as a group. I hold a Masters in Economics, and rate Tom Sowell, Walt Williams, Murray Rothbard, Milton Freedman and Ludwig von Mises among the top ten in my discipline.

    My political views are roughly the same as those of my father and three Uncles, who fought the Nazis, one dying and one being wounded in the effort. If either of the four, all decorated veterans of the war against the Nazis, were alive today, you and Sean Hannity would not hesitate to call them “Nazis.” That, I HATE!

    I voted for Ron Paul in 1988 as a Libertarian candidate, and I am one of the “Stormfront donors” this year.

    I want our constitutional republic back. That is what this is all about.

    BTW, as a student up in the Ivy League in the ’60’s, I succumbed temporarily to the siren song of the multi-culturalist Marxists who have been running this country’s major institutions for the last half century. After a few years, I realized that everything my old red-necked Pappy and uncles predicted would happen DID happen, and NOTHING my professors said would happen actually transpired.

    Since “Civil Rights” in the ’60’s, tens of thousands of Whites have been murdered, over a million raped, and millions more robbed and assaulted by the beneficiaries of said “Civil Rights.”. And you classify anyone who even repeats these facts a “Neo-nazi” and a “Hater.” Pathetic.

  • Hector

    I am looking for a candidate who has America’s best interest at the top of his/her agenda. I have seen this in Mr. Paul. I am a frequent visitor, reader and poster on the above mentioned Stormfront website. Does this have any defining factor on my choice to vote for Ron Paul? The answer is quite frankly NO!! To be quite honest I found out about Mr. Paul on a social networking site ( Myspace). Didn’t Myspace have troubles with pedophiles a short time ago? Doesn’t Myspace promote Clinton, Edwards and Obama? Is their any connection trying to be pinned on those candidates and pedophilia? NO. Everyone has a right to vote regardless of religious or ideological beliefs. Trying to place a connection between a candidate at his/her supporters is absurd.

  • Flap

    The talking points from all of you Stormfront folks is shockingly Loche Steppe.

    Still waiting to here from the Ron Paul campaign.

    • Tom Dotson

      If you will tell us what a “Neo-Nazi” is, I’ll tell you if I am one. I know what a “Neo-Conservative is. That is someone who is against everything conservatives once stood for. Is it the same thing with a “Neo-Nazi?” Is that someone who opposes what Nazis stood for?

  • Flap

    Looks like the Ron Paul folks are moaning that is not driving much traffic anyway:

    Stormfront is in the bottom 10% of referrers to the site. The number one supporter of this movement is at It has also received an endorsement from and

    What can it all mean?

    Is that why they changed the ad today? Or did the campaign direct them?

  • Flap

    No, you as a suppporter can ask Trevor (Sword of Shannarrah)to block’s use of the widgets. Or Trevor can ask Stormfront to cease and desist.

    Or better yet the official campaign can disavow this whole flap and direct Trevor to cease and desist with his activities.

    Will they do it?

    Like these Ron Paul supporters are:

    Originally Posted by SwordOfShannarah View Post
    Right, and lots of other attack articles exist as well. It doesn’t mean they have any power. Just existing doesn’t mean anything.

    Without the negative press Ron Paul wouldn’t be half as far as he is today.
    So you are saying that you want your banner on stormfront so Paul gets negative press?