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Rudy Giuliani Wins GOP Debate According to Florida Focus Group

Republican presidential hopeful former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani answers a question during a Republican presidential debate in Orlando, Fla., Sunday, Oct. 21, 2007, sponsored by FOX News.

Frank Luntz’s Florida Fox News Focus Group overwhelmingly picked Rudy Giuliani as tonight’s debate WINNER.

  • Florida Voter: “[Giuliani] is strong. He’s strong. He’s what we need. He’s got the track record …”
  • Ask By Frank Luntz: “Why Giuliani?” Florida Voter Said, “Clear, concise, direct answers and he’s a man who’s got a track record of execution.”
  • Pollster Frank Luntz on Fox News focus group reaction: “Rudy Giuliani definitely benefited from tonight’s debate. Very clearly.”


Flap picks the Mayor as the CLEAR winner as well.

Giuliani’s answer on education and school children was classic Rudy. He cares more about the kids. Mentioning school choice and homeschooling received applause from the Florida audience.

Rudy was the pick of the vast majority of focus group members as the GOP candidate to BEST beat Hillary Clinton.

Huckabee received a few mentions. In fact, one focus group member switched from Thompson to Huckabee.

Ron Paul received no votes for who won the debate.

Others commenting:

  • Marc Abinder: After a tentative start, Giuliani again proved that he is so adept in these formats and can handle really any question with finesse. And he showed, again, that he is the Republican who best frames the race against Hillary Clinton. He’s a natural at it. Also: Giuliani should get some props from Ezra Klein: he accurately pointed out that Medicare is in much worse shape than Social Security and is a much more serious problem. At the end of the debate, he gave an answer on Iran that sounded reasonable and not Podhoretz-esque.
  • David Brody: As for Rudy Giuliani, it was another strong debate performance. He really hasn’t had a weak performance to date. He had a sharp response when he criticized Fred Thompson on tort reform. It was vintage Giuliani. In your face. The Straight shooter. He just doesn’t come across as your typical politician. He’s breezy, funny, serious and intellectually engaging all at the same time. A rare combination. It’s like the Wild Wild West and Giuliani is the sheriff in town.
  • The Orlando Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell: Giuliani did well too. He sounds knowledgable as well. And, unlike the last time he came to Orlando, he sounded jazzed up and excited about the possibility of being president. And the audience seemed to be in Rudy’s corner. More than one person has told me he won them over this weekend.


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8 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Wins GOP Debate According to Florida Focus Group

  1. I’m not sure that it’s accurate to say that Guiliani won with the Frank Luntz focus group. He only asked for a show of hands on 3 candidates, Ron Paul – 0 hands John McCain – 0 hands Guiliani – looked like about 6 or 7 hands out of 25.. That leaves 18 or 19 hands for Romney, Huckabee, and Thompson. Fred was bad, so I doubt if many hands were his, so I’m assuming either Romney or Huckabee or both had more that Guiliani.

  2. That’s not true either… Less than half of them raised their hands when asked if Guiliani was the best candidate to beat Hillary…try telling the truth!!!!

    1. My God, you’ve got the freaking video RIGHT HERE on your site! Watch it, and then watch it again. There were 5, and possibly 6 people who raised their hands for Ghouliani. Do you honestly have so few valid points to make that you have to LIE so often??

      It’s obvious you hate Ron Paul and love Giuliani. That’s fine. That’s your opinion. But if you REALLY want people to come around to your point of view, why don’t you try discussing the actual campaign platforms of the candidates? Why not discuss the issues, and the differences between them? Do you honestly think people are going to gravitate towards the candidate you like simply because you make things up to make him look better?

      TRUTH: 5 or 6 people in that room held up their hand in support of Giuliani.
      TRUTH: Ron Paul won the text poll.
      TRUTH: Giuliani came in 3rd place in the text poll.

  3. Gee, now who should we believe? Luntz and a room full of 25 pre-selected people? Or the 34% of people who called in to vote for Ron Paul, putting him in first place YET AGAIN for a FoxNews debate.

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