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Ron Paul Watch: The Red State Ban


Conservative Blog has banned pimping for Ron Paul on their site.

Flap has been slow to reporting this since he has been involved with his own Ron Paul Flap and

Leon Wolfe at RedState:

Effective immediately, new users may *not* shill for Ron Paul in any way shape, form or fashion. Not in comments, not in diaries, nada. If your account is less than 6 months old, you can talk about something else, you can participate in the other threads and be your zany libertarian self all you want, but you cannot pimp Ron Paul. Those with accounts more than six months old may proceed as normal.

Now, I could offer a long-winded explanation for *why* this new policy is being instituted, but I’m guessing that most of you can probably guess. Unless you lack the self-awareness to understand just how annoying, time-consuming, and bandwidth-wasting responding to the same idiotic arguments from a bunch of liberals pretending to be Republicans can be. Which, judging by your comment history, you really don’t understand, so allow me to offer an alternate explanation: we are a bunch of fascists and we’re upset that you’ve discovered where we keep the black helicopters, so we’re silencing you in an attempt to keep you from warning the rest of your brethren so we can round you all up and send you to re-education camps all at once.

Is this understandable?

Yes, if the owners of are tired of the incessant, ADDHD enthusiasm and zeal of the Paulites. Certainly, it is a chore to babysit these folks.

Does it matter?

Probably not, since the Paulites turn off as many folks as the recruit for Ron Paul’s candidacy. Some Paulites even acknowledge this at their own forums at Check it out for yourself. Some of the discussions are enlightening to the inner workings of a laizze fair Presidential campaign.

But, some in the RIGHT blogosphere are not so sure.

Captain Ed disagrees.

It’s their community, of course, and they set the rules. However, this doesn’t hurt Paul’s credibility as much as it does Redstate’s. While Paul’s supporters tend towards the annoying and repetitive, they have less impact because we can easily engage them and counter their arguments. Banning them simply for their support for a candidate seems more like an admission that Redstate lacks that ability.

Captain Ed Morrissey sounds more like the radio personality that he is becoming, willing to interview Paul and leaving the flak to boost ratings. Ed, you learning your lessons from Hugh Hewitt?

David All at has it wrong as well:

I agree with Captain Ed. Generally, Republicans need to welcome Ron Paul (and all others willing to wear a Republican banner) to the debate and the discussion. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, we need him to actively endorse and support the winner so that his supporters will use their energy to defeat Hillary.

Earth to David. When Ron Paul loses the GOP nomination his enthusiastic supporters and most of his voters will MOVE back to the Libertarian, Constitutuon and Reform Parties. Why do you think the Paul campaign is encouraging GOP voter registration? Most of their people have not been nor ever will be registered GOP voters.

RedState can do and have done what is best for them. The Paulites have plenty of outlets for their enthusiasm and internet clamor. Ron Paul should hope that after he throws in the Presidential towel that some of them may stick around to help in the destined GOP primary challenge to him in his Texas Congressional District.

Perhaps Paul will marshall them to run on the Libertarian Party Presidential ticket once again? And, then retire.

By the way, the November 5th fundraising ad for Paul continues on the Neo-Nazi today.


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8 thoughts on “Ron Paul Watch: The Red State Ban

  1. Don’t have time to post a long winded post here, but let’s just say it is wishful thinking to assume that the Republican Party doesn’t need Ron Paul or his supporters.

  2. Valerie,

    Most of Ron Paul’s supporters will not be with the GOP anyway. No party loyalty.

    I bet a majority are not registered GOP.

    Ron Paul himself will most probably not endorse the GOP nominee.

    The GOP will be better off pursuing independent voters to swing their way.

  3. Let’s see….people who disagree with me are “agressive” and are “abusing” me. If there are lots of them, they are “spamming” me. If they really mean what they say, they are a “cult”. If their position is unusual, they are “tin-foil hat loonies”. If they won’t let me have the last word, they must be censored, so I can go on insulting them without them abusing me with their agressive, paranoid looney cult spamming. I get it.

  4. There are large numbers of people who are safe from war and who love war. They need to find a good excuse to indulge their love because it doesn’t do to say “I love war!”

    These are the ones who are so dishonest in all debates about their war. Their main tools are sarcasm, condescension, insults, lies, and censorship. After all, it’s war, and they love war.

    There is another large group, educated by government schools and government-licensed media, who believe every word they hear about boogy men coming to get them, whether foreigners, or perverts, or drug addicts or communists or global warming. Anyone who questions their boogy men terrorizes them rather than comforts them.

    These two groups will fight like a drowning man to keep their big government and their perpetual war. Their hatred and their passion are very real.

  5. Hey didn’t ban Ron Paul, they banned positive talk about Ron Paul. Property rights etc, they are more than welcome to do so, and as I just posted on another blog, thanks for doing it, and please continue to give up the moral highground and show your true feelings RedState.

    Any bets on how long RedState lasts after republicans figure out the neo-cons are just liberals?

  6. Bad,

    Do you think that if the Paulites had been less exuberant and less OCD that perhaps they would have won over the “hearts and minds” at RedState?

  7. Do you think this could help spur Ron Paul to run outside of the Republican party as a Pro-life, small government, conservative?

  8. Of course, like he did in 1988 as the Libertarian Pary candidate for President.

    I suspect Ron Paul will run as either the Libertarian, Constitution Party and/or the Reform Party candidate.

    Maybe all of the three.

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