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As if the Saturday Night Live skit above isn’t enough. Rudy Giuliani piles on too.

All week, Giuliani has criticized Clinton for her answer to a question at Tuesday’s Democratic debate about a plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. And he ratcheted up that criticism during stops in the North Country of New Hampshire today, most dramatically when asked about the proposal during a town hall meeting in Shelburne.

“Oh gee, I can’t figure out what I think,” Giuliani said, sarcastically. “Don’t pick on me by asking that question! That’s a gotcha question!” Giuliani paced back and forth in the front of the crowd, and asked the audience for a show of hands to tell him what they thought. “I’m for it,” he said, stepping to his left. “I’m against it,” he said as he jerked to the right. “I’m for it and against it. And I want to be your president,” he concluded, grinning from ear to ear, as the crowd roared.

Stepping out of character, Giuliani, playing himself, then took aim at Clinton. “Give me a break,” he said. “If you think a question about drivers licenses is a tough question, a gotcha question, you’re not ready for Ahmadinejad.” He called the New York proposal a “terrible mistake,” but said he respected those who were willing to take a position on the issue, specifically referring to Barack Obama. “Being a leader requires an ability to make decisions,” he said.

Hillary – Ms. INEVITABLE will NOT get away with playing the gender card and whining about the boys picking on her.

She is already declining in the national polls against Giuliani.

Stay tuned…….


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