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Ron Paul Raises More than $4 Million Yesterday


Ron Paul’s First Television Ad

Ron Paul’s campaign for the Presidency raised more than $ 4 million yesterday (or close to this figure) but will he be able to produce the ads that will help him win?

But, translating the funds into persuasive television ads may be beyond Paul’s grasp.

Here is Paul’s second television ad:


Both ads are amateurish attempts that are not ready for prime time politics.

Is it the MEDIUM that is FLAWED or the MESSAGE?

If the campaign can convert the “MONEY BOMB” into a coherent message then watch the polls and see if Ron Paul gets a BUMP. Otherwise, the money raised is for NOTHING.


Paul over at Powerline says it is the message that is flawed and should be greeted with a “cold shoulder.”


Update #2

Allah poo poohs the fundraising effort saying Ron Paul continues to lag way behind the top tier GOP candidates.


Stay tuned…….


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  • Gregor Morrill

    I don’t think the freedom message is flawed. I wasn’t a fan of the first commercial initially – and still don’t care for it a lot – but I have come around to it a little bit. The second one I thought was good. I’m interested to see what they do with the next 3 ads (I think there’s going to be 5 total).

  • Flap

    They had the money for the first two ads and they blew it.

    Will they burn through more now for better production value?

    We will see and will they run ads in Iowa and South Carolina?