President 2008,  Ron Paul

Ron Paul = Ralph Nader of 2008 Presidential Race?


Maybe the RNC should send Ron Paul some money because John Podhertz is RIGHT.

Which brings to mind an interesting scenario for 2008: Could Ron Paul run an independent candidacy for president in 2008 on a libertarian/anti-war/anti-monetarist platform? At this moment, it seems plausible, especially if the Democratic party nominates Hillary Clinton, who is bizarrely considered a neocon hawk by the Left netroots.

And despite Paul’s nominal standing as a Republican — and it is nominal — wouldn’t his candidacy draw more from disaffected Democrats, as liberal Republican John Anderson’s 1980 third-party candidacy pulled voters away from Jimmy Carter and not from Ronald Reagan?

Works for me.

Ante up…….


Ron Paul Raises More than $4 Million Yesterday

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