3 thoughts on “MORONIC You Tube of the Day

  1. This post was part of the same series of Youtube clips that “inspired” Wonkette to start calling Rudy, “Jew-liani” – which then led them to threaten to sue bloggers who dared accuse them of anti-semitism. And wouldn’t you know it, but who does Youtube say has the most links to this clip? but DemocraticUnderground.com should we have expected anything less?

  2. I don’t read them either, but I saw about the Wonkette thing through Little Green Footballs:
    in this story. You have to follow the story through a few different links to different blogs, but ultimately it ends up at this post in Wonkette that used the headline “Jew-liani” that Wonkette also used in other posts. Brit Hume mentioned it on Fox one day, I think. As for the DU thing, the Youtube link says it comes from here.

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