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Presidential Electors Initiative Watch: Full Speed Ahead?

Graphic Courtesy of California Majority Report
The Game is AFOOT.

With funding from the California Republican Party, donors from most of the GOP Presidential candidates, donors for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Congressman Darrel Issa (who front-funded the successful Gray Davis recall) and signatures, California voters may YET decide on a proportional method of allocating California’s 55 Electoral College votes for President – the most in the country.

The Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee have accounts and the details on donors.

Backers of a proposed initiative that would change the way California’s electoral votes are awarded disclosed Tuesday that they had received $538,000 from a list of donors who have contributed to a variety of presidential candidates.

The required disclosure to the California secretary of state helps to dispel the notion that Republican candidate Rudolph W. Giuliani is behind the measure. The initiative received its initial $175,000 from a top Giuliani backer, Wall Street mogul Paul E. Singer.Others involved in the effort also have ties to the former New York City mayor.

But, Flap which initiative will this group attempt to qualify for the June 2008 ballot? There are two:




Both initiatives are similar in changing the method of allocation of Electoral College votes from the current “WINNER TAKE ALL” system to a proportional one. But, the deadlines are definitely different for gathering signatures.

Is the new GOP group, headed by Ed Rollins going for the first initiative in a full court press to qualify for the June 2008 ballot? And, if they fail to gather significant signatures within a few weeks go for the second initiative which has a deadline of February 2008?

This seems a likely scenario but Flap will get some clarification later in the day and update this post or post another.

The California Secretary of State’s web site for California Initiatives is here.

Update #1:

Flap is continuing to pursue clarification but looking at the Election California Reform Initiative web site and the California Counts web site it is apparent the California GOP et al. are going for the first initiative.

Calitics, a Lefty site has some direct mail pieces from California Counts here.

Stay tuned…….


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2 thoughts on “Presidential Electors Initiative Watch: Full Speed Ahead?

  1. This initiative only changes how California apportions its electoral college votes. Two other states already do this.

    It does not weaken the electoral college.

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