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Rudy on the Today Show

Rudy Giuliani today called on the Congress to pass laws prohibiting states from granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday called on Congress to prohibit states from giving driver’s licenses or similar forms of identification to illegal immigrants …

After accepting an endorsement in Washington, D.C., from Christian conservative Pat Robertson, Giuliani said he called Republican Reps. Pete Sessions of Texas and Peter King of New York that morning to propose the legislation. …

“There seems to be … a loophole that allows states not (to) give a license that would be a real ID but some other form of a license. That would make things hopelessly confusing for the immigration service,” Giuliani said.

The Republican frontrunner added that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s proposal to allow states to decide whether to grant the licenses could obstruct the ability of the federal government to secure the borders. …

[G]iuliani said … that federalism is not the answer on this issue.

“The idea is the federal government is supposed to secure the borders, the federal government is supposed to regulate immigration. If we had 50 different regulations for immigration in the United States, it would become the picture that we have right now, which is a very, very confusing picture.”

How will Hillary finesse a vote on this legislation with a YES and NO answer?

Illegal immigration may well become the number one WEDGE issue in the Presidential campaign of 2008.


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