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Flap arrives mid-afternoon in the Glendale, California Rudy Giuliani Headquarters. Numerous staffers and volunteers are busy working the phones in cublices making contact with California voters. Flap signs in and makes his way to a vantage point with a view of the entrance to the office.


Above is a photo of the young lady volunteers reading their phone scripts and marking the precinct lists – note the computerized data forum entry for contact info. Flap has the script. Now, wouldn’t you like to see it?


This fellow was very protective of what he was doing.  But, Flap got this photo anyway. Texting on his cell phone was probably not on his job description.


Rudy fans congregate in the entry way prior to the Mayor’s arrival. The Mayor arrives EARLY around 2 PM (PST).


Mayor Giuliani addresses his California volunteers and supporters. He says he wants to win California for the GOP nomination but wants more – a California win in the general election.

Flap has video of this speech and the after event “presser” where a lefty KNBC television reporter, Laurel Erickson gets snarky with the Mayor over Iraq War funding.

Stay tuned…….


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4 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Watch: Visiting California Campaign Headquarters”
  1. Fellow says:

    “That fellow” happens to be me. I was not texting, but making volunteer calls using campaign-issued cell phones. No biggie, but I just wanted to clear it up 🙂

  2. Frieda says:

    Was there any emails being sent to local volunteers???? too bad I missed this one!

  3. Flap says:

    I wondered why you didn’t have a telephone on your desk. By the way, I was being sarcastic. 🙂

  4. Flap says:


    I receive the Mayor’s daily schedule from the campaign. Contact them in New York if you want to be on the list.

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