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Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani speaks to residents of a retirement community in The Villages, Fl. on Thursday Nov. 15, 2007.

CNN/Opinion Research Corporation GOP poll:

  • Rudy – 29%
  • Romney – 21%
  • Thompson – 14%
  • McCain – 12%
  • Paul – 8%
  • Huckabee – 4%

The poll was conducted from November 9-13 among 304 likely Republican caucus goers by telephone The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.5 percentage points.

A Western state that caucuses 14 days after Iowa, rudy is showing strength in a state with a large Mormon population that is contiguous to Utah. This is a state thought to be “OWNED” by Mitt Romney.

What is the issue that is propelling the Mayor to the lead?


Giuliani’s on top in Nevada because Republicans here think he’s the most electable. Sixty percent of those questioned in the survey said Giuliani has the best chance among the GOP White House hopefuls of beating the Democratic presidential nominee.

Might Nevada be the first “EARLY” state that delivers a win for Giuliani?

Stay tuned………


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4 Responses to “Giuliani Nevada Poll Watch: Rudy Up by 8 Points Over Romney”
  1. John Xavier says:

    Hey, thanks for the poll. I have a piece, January Madness, that looks at how the race breaks down into a Rudy vs. Mitt and Huck vs. Fred. This poll is great support for it!


  2. Flap says:


    Blog courtesy says you should at least trackback to my blog.

    But, three links to your own site is well over the top. In the future, do it right or be sent to spam.

    I have edited your comment to provide one link.

  3. […] This is the second Nevada poll this week showing Rudy with a firm lead. Nevada’s GOP caucus will be January 19th the same day as the South Carolina primary election. […]

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