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Ron Paul Watch: December 16 Money Bomb Turmoil?

Ron Paul unofficial fundraiser, Trevor Lyman has added an additional fundraising “MONEY BOMB” that has left some Ron Paul supporters disgruntled.

Apparently, Trevor Lyman has set up a new site for a new Ron Paul donation day “Money Bomb.” The new date is November 30th and the site has already attracted nearly 1,000 pledges as of this writing 11AM/EST. Another one remains scheduled for December 16th and has received close to 20,000 pledges.

The Nov 30th pledge site can be seen at

The Dec 16th pledge site can be seen at

From the Ron Paul forums:

  • This is such a dumbass idea. To split the event and cause confusion, are you guys retarded? the campaign didnt say that they were out of money, they just wanted to improve the flow. THEY HAVE OVER $10 Million to spend, they are not desperate. If we screw up this next money bomb by dividing it in two or three just because a few people overreacted, I am gonna flip. Does nobody realize that the media doesnt give two craps if we raise a million dollars every week for the next 10 weeks but tey will report non stop over the Christmas breal about Ron Paul raising $10 million in a day. The whole story will be how we did back to back record fundraising. Some people are so damn worried about lighting a sparkler that they forget that everybody comes for the finale. Stick to the plan and stop over thinking.
  • too many moneybombs dilutes the media effect…better to just give as much as you can in next 3 weeks and unload on 12/16…id rather have the psycological impact of 10 million on 12-16 as opposed to 9.5…
  • giving it a go is when you are doing something that doesnt really matter. Screwing up this drive that has been worked on for weeks, well, that just pisses off the people who have been talking to everyone and promising how huge the event will be. Do you know how hard it is to convert people when all they see from the campaign is disorganization, chicken little reactions and an overall plan that makes less sense. We billed this thing as the mother of all events and now after alot of people have spent time promoting it, we change the forecast of success. Its almost as bad as when we chipped in for an add and then the whole damn thing was changed and most of the people who paid were pissed. This sucks, we should have put it to a vote and let it be debated but no, a few people unilaterally are going to undermine the event that would have had the media talking and building anticipation for the three weeks before the primaries.The whole point was to get the media to be asking the question “What will Ron Paul do next”the answer, “who cares…all he did was repeat twice the same performance.”two five million money bombs does not equal 1 ten million bomb

From a commenter at the Free Market News:

BY: steve
I can not believe this. Why are you doing this? I am so ticked off people i am losing faith now in the Paul campaigns ability to run a campaign at all.

December 16th was the perfect day to which the media could not spin our efforts the way they did on November 5th. this could have brought major attention to Ron Paul.

I have been busting my hump beating the streets and contacting people in with my business contacts and have gathered over 300 people prepared to donate on December 16th and guess what? After this talk about changing dates many of my people prepared to donate are now losing faith in the revolution. PEOPLE WE CAN NOT BE DIVIDED HERE, WE MUST STICK TO OUR PLANS AND STAY UNITED. WHY DO I HAVE PEOPLE THAT I WORKED TO GET INVOLVED WITH DR. PAUL NOW SAYING THEY DON’T WANT TO THROW AWAY THIER MONEY OR THIER VOTE.




What Flap wants to know is why the hurry? Or does the formal Ron Paul campaign just want “CONTROL”?

Although Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are and have been “ON AIR” in New Hampshire with multiple spots, Ron Paul has NOT purchased very much air time on New Hampshire television.

Where is Ron Paul spending that $8.8 million he has raised this quarter? Not on WMUR-TV, the only statewide television station in New Hampshire. Thus far the Paul campaign’s ad buy there has been rather meager.

From October 29 (when he went up on the air) through November 18, Paul spent $55,800 at WMUR to air 66 thirty-second ads over those three weeks. That’s about a third as many as Mitt Romney has put up in a single week this month on WMUR.

Alot of confusion among the Ronulans as to when to donate.

Maybe they will ask the Ron Paul campaign where their money is going?

Stay tuned……

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  • Gregor Morrill

    The campaign is not involved, nor seeking control. The one commenter was replying to the FMN summary, which makes it sound like the campaign asked for the date to be moved up.

    The truth is the campaign sent out an email to their official opt-in email list explaining that while fundraising is going well for their $12M target, they also need to have spent most of that by the end of the quarter – meaning they need money weeks in advance to buy crucial airtime. For example, they explained they need to buy airtime for the end of December right now. Trevor posted this mailing.

    • Flap

      But, what is Ron Paul doing with his November 5 money?

      He definitely is not spending it in New Hampshire where he has the best chance of moving up in the polls.

      Me thinks the campaign is burning through it and hence the letter to the list.

      • Gregor Morrill

        “definitely is not, eh? I didn’t realize you were with the Ron Paul campaign now and privy to how and where they’re spending their money. 🙂 To me, one blog post saying they haven’t spent much at WMUR-TV doesn’t definitively indicate they’re not spending money in NH. They’ve made radio ads, too, or maybe they’re concentrating their ad buys for December – who knows.

        • Flap

          Most of the pundits I know that cover New Hampshire are not reporting much activity there as compared to Rudy and Romney.

          Wouldn’t you expect that Ron Paul would concentrate on the “ONE” state that he has more than 4-5% in the polls?

          So, is the campaign incompetent or just burning through YOUR 🙂 money for nothing?

          • Gregor Morrill

            Why don’t you ever answer a question?

            Now you’re just being ironic. 🙂

            My answer to your “question” is, of course: neither. Sorry you didn’t pick that up when I rightly called your question a false dichotomy.

            And the previous question – I believe the campaign is concentrating on NH and other early states. But that’s just my opinion, I don’t have insider access to the campaign a crystal ball like you. 🙂

  • Scott

    Perhaps (if this takes off) the 30th can be used as a foreshadowing of the 16th to bring in more donors to make the 16th bigger. If the primaries can be moved up, so can contributions. Perhaps there are creative ways to make the 30th multiply the 16th. I’m hoping for some nice number for the end of the two month period.

  • Eric Dondero

    This is standard procedure for Ron Paul. He’s done this numerous times in his past races for President and Congress.

    Hint: Ask yourself whatever happened to all those tens of thousands of dollars he raised in his aborted 1992 Presidential Exploratory Committee effort? For months Lew Rockwell and Burt Blumert raised money on that effort. And then poof! Overnight they shut ‘eh down. No accounting to contributors or supporters.

    There were also serious financial questions raised in the 1988 Libertarian Presidential race. At the very end, Ron Paul’s top aide was even sent to jail for embezzlement. Though, some of us wondered at the time, it she might have just been the fall guy, or “fall gal”?

    The media has only scratched the surface on the Ron Paul story. It’s amusing to me that 8 to 10 years ago the Houston Chronicle and the Austin American-Statesman were ripping Ron Paul to shreds. Now they give him glowing articles on a daily basis.

    So long as he’s attacking Bush, and opposing the War in Iraq, Paul’s their best friend. And they’re very unlikely to dig deep into Paul’s questionable past.

    Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
    US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

  • Eric Dondero

    In the 1988 Libertarian Party Presidential effort by Ron Paul, in which I served as Paul’s personal Travel Aide & Asst. the same exact questions were raised by Libertarian contributors. The Campaign raised over $2.5 million. However, very little if anything was spent on TV commercials, or advertising.

    Libertarians at the time were left hanging. Some were befuddled with the lack of spending on advertising for the campaign. For months afterwards there were complaints and threats of “special committees” of the Libertarian National Committee to look into the affair. But nothing ever materialized.

    Of course, very few of the current Ron Paul supporters were around back then. And even fewer were insiders in his operation.

    So long as Ron Paul keeps attracting newbie contributors to his “movement” there’s very little chance of any real accounting of his past campaign practices.

  • Maribelle

    Oh shut up Eric. Everyone knows about your ulterior motives. This is the most honest, dignified and consistent man who’s ever served in Congress. He has a lifelong history of standing by what he believes, and his pro-Constitutional voting record is there for all to see as evidence. Dr. Paul has never voted for a Congressional pay raise, has never taken a junket, and has never participated in the pension program. And you expect us all to believe that he’s just in it for the money? Please, stop insulting our intelligence. The r3VOLution has begun, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Put your jealousy and resentment aside. It’s boring already.

      • Maribelle

        First and foremost: revenge. Dondero was fired. Since then, and moreso recently, he’s started a campaign of slander and lies against Dr. Paul. Calling him a racist and an anti-semite, when he knows full well that Paul’s own idols are Jewish economists, and has even suggested an African-American for his running mate.

        Are the charges true? It is Mr. Dondero who makes the charges. He implies that Paul only runs for office so he can keep all the money for himself. It is up to Dondero to provide evidence for these charges. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Eric Dondero

    Fired? Hardly. I resigned after working for Ron Paul for 12 years, over his opposition to the War in Iraq. You may confirm that with Ron Paul’s longtime Chief of Staff Tom Lizardo in DC, who was my boss at the time.

    Additionally, when I left Ron gave me a pension from the US House of Reps, and a $10,000 bonus. I’d hardly call that “fired.” And, I’ve used Ron as an employment reference for the last 3 years. I know for a fact, that at least one major employer of mine contacted him. I got hired on that firm as an Interpreter. So, Ron must have given me a good reference.

    And Ron called me from time to time, long after I left. We share a love for tropical backyard gardening. (He lives only 10 miles away from me.) We’d shoot the shit mostly about banana trees. I’ve got about 20 of them in my backyard that he gave me, when they were like 2 feet tall. They’re now 15 feet high.

    Kind of odd for someone to “fire someone” and then call him up to shoot the shit, and give him good employment references long after, don’t you think?

    “Eric, your enthusiasm for liberty is infectious. Stay that way. Your help is deeply appreciated.” — US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

    • Maribelle

      So it’s up to us to decide who’s lying. Since Dr. Paul has a lifetime record of professional and consistent behavior, both as a doctor and a Congressman, it isn’t a hard decision for me to make.

      Even if I decided that you were telling the truth and were a model employee, you seem to have missed the most important part of my response:

      Are the charges true? It is Mr. Dondero who makes the charges. He implies that Paul only runs for office so he can keep all the money for himself. It is up to Dondero to provide evidence for these charges. I won’t hold my breath.

      Do you have any evidence for the claims you’ve made regarding Dr. Paul and what he’s doing with the money in his campaign account?

      Speaking of odd, I find it highly odd that you pick this particular time, when Paul is running a presidential campaign, to become highly visible on the Internet in an attempt to trash him. Why now?

  • Eric Dondero

    I’ve been “highly visible” on the internet for years. You can ask anyone in the libertarian community. I’ve been a loudmouth on my Blog Talk Radio Show, and on numerous libertarian websites like Reason for years.

    I’m not saying Ron Paul is “pocketing campaign contributions.” I am merely saying that there have been irregularities in the past.

    Hell, his Top Campaign Staffer from the 1980s even went to jail for 6 months in 1990 for embezzlement. I’d call that an irregularity, wouldn’t you?

  • Maribelle

    An irregularity for someone in politics or big business to embezzle? That seems par for the course. In any case, was Dr. Paul charged with anything, or implicated in any way? If someone embezzled his campaign funds, wouldn’t that make Dr. Paul the victim?

    I realize that you are at odds with Dr. Paul on some of the issues, and that you don’t really consider him a Libertarian. But can you honestly say that you believe the man is a crook, or someone who’s in this merely for the money, or even the power? I’ve met him and seen him speak many times in the past few months, and even got the chance for a short conversation with him here in Chicago. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who impressed me with being as genuine as he did. Even those who disagree with some of his stances usually admit that he is honest and believes in what he’s saying.

  • Eric Dondero

    You know, it’s probably best that I don’t get into it on this public forum. I was about to give you some details and an explanation, but then I caught myself.

    Let’s just say Ron Paul has some business interests. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Bruce

    Ron Paul has 20 years of consistent voting in congress and his message is what inspires us. He has said that he’s not perfect but his message is.
    Eric, your crazy to think that we’ll believe you if you slander Ron Paul and than say “oh wait this is a public forum I can’t give any explanation”
    Also, maybe we would believe you if you didn’t support a candidate whos history is 100 times shadier than anything you can make up about Ron Paul. In the end you just sound like a disgruntled former employee, if you and Ron Paul like to “shoot the shit” than why are you badmouthing him so bad? I’ll take Paul’s word over yours any day, I don’t think you have 20 years of consistent honesty on record.
    Alas, since we are throwing around conspiracy theories here, you sound like your taking neocon bribe money.
    It’s OK to be fired, I’ve been fired before. Cheer up 🙂

  • thnkfstpal

    HATERADE, Listen people, the New World Order controls the TV regardless of how much airtime you or Ron Paul “purchase”, maybe the TV stations / radio stations take the money and run the frickin ads at midnight as an infomercial, or maybe they air them alongside the “Girls Gone Stupid” ads at midnight, the answer is probably. Unless the RP campaign can track all of their airtime “buys” there is a good chance that the “purchases” have been swept under the rug so to speak or aired at times when y’all are sleeping. Ron Paul’s record speaks for itself.

    P.S. Hey trolls!!!, get a life, why would you smear Paul when ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES are as good as mud?, you have nothing to gain other than low voter turnout that will swing the election to Hitlary Clinton or Rudolph Gouliani. WE THE PEOPLE will prevail Trolls. You will be held accountable when the New World Order falls.

  • li chao

    dondero says he quit. but then, he also thinks benito g. is a libertarian. seems to be a lot of disparity between dondero-world and earth. here’s what the good Doctor has to say on the matter:

    Reason: Your former staffer Eric Dondero is challenging you for your House seat in 2008.

    Paul: He’s a disgruntled former employee who was fired.