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Mitt Romney Watch: Massachusetts Killed My Girl – Mitt Calls for Judge to Resign; Update: Rudy Giuliani Calls on Romney to Explain Judge Appointment

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To recap:

Daniel Tavares Jr. now faces murder charges in the killing of the Graham, Wash., couple, only months after he was released from jail by Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Kathe M. Tuttman’s decision.

Tavares, who already had served time after using a carving knife to kill his mother, was rearrested just after his June prison release on charges of assaulting prison guards. Tuttman refused prosecutors’ request to set his bail at $50,000, and released him in July. Tavares was ordered to continue to see his probation officer, but he skipped his next court date and left the state.

And, in Washington state, the father of the newly-married bride who police say was murdered by Tavares wants Romney held accountable for the judge whose decision set Tavares free.

What has been Mitt Romney’s response?

  • Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will not apologize for a judge he nominated who ordered the release of a violent criminal who once threatened to kill Romney and now is being held in fresh murders of a newlywed Washington state couple, a Romney spokesman said Friday.
  • Presidential hopeful Gov. Mitt Romney yesterday demanded the resignation of his own judicial nominee after she sprang a violent convicted killer over the summer, as new details emerged showing that the judge ignored warnings when she freed the ex-con, now accused of killing a Washington couple.

Why is Mitt Romney refusing to accept ANY responsibility for the appointment of Judge Tuttman and his actions as Massachusetts Governor?

However, a former Bay State lawmaker yesterday slammed Romney for failing to enact recommendations from his own blue-ribbon panel on correction reform that might have prevented the tragedy, including monitoring inmates more closely after their release from prison and instituting job-training programs.


“Had he (Romney) actually followed our recommendations on appropriate programs for re-entering prisoners, not just this prisoner, but prisoners across the commonwealth, would be less likely to reoffend,” said former state Sen. Jarrett Barrios, who along with former Attorney General Scott Harshbarger resigned from the correction commission in protest in December 2005.

And what is Ed Ryan, head of a Bay State bar association task force on fair and impartial courts saying about Romney:

“Mitt Romney is throwing this very capable judge under the bus for his own political ends,” Ryan said. “It is gutless.”

But, we know about Mitt Romney:


Mitt Romney WILL Say and Do Anything to trash his opponents and get himself elected.

Even Romney hagiographer Hugh Hewitt is making apologies for him.

How disgusting.

Is this someone who American voters want as their next President?


MM admits: Things are heating up in the Bay State…..

Update #2

GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani said Romney would have to explain the appointment, and that “it’s not an isolated situation.”

“He had an increase in murder and violent crime while he was governor,” Giuliani said. “So it’s not so much the isolated situation which he and the judge will have to explain — he’s kind of thrown her under the bus, so it’s hard to know how this is all going to come out. But the reality is, he did not have a record of reducing violent crime.” 


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