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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rudy Calls on Mitt Romney to Explain Judicial Appointment


Rudy Giuliani while campaigning Saturday in New Hampshire called on Mitt Romney to explain his appointment of Judge Kathe M. Tuttman and his abysmal record on crime.

You remember the story?

Daniel Tavares Jr. now faces murder charges in the killing of the Graham, Wash., couple, only months after he was released from jail by Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Kathe M. Tuttman’s decision.

Tavares, who already had served time after using a carving knife to kill his mother, was rearrested just after his June prison release on charges of assaulting prison guards. Tuttman refused prosecutors’ request to set his bail at $50,000, and released him in July. Tavares was ordered to continue to see his probation officer, but he skipped his next court date and left the state.

And, you remember the father of the slain newly-married bride, Darrel Slater, has also called on Mitt Romney to be held accountable:

“He was the governor — he picked this judge,” Beverly Mauck’s father, Darrel Slater, 51, told the Herald. “He should be answering for what happened.”

Mayor Giuliani’s Money Quote:

“The governor is going to have to explain his appointment and the judge is going to have to explain her decision, but it’s not an isolated situation, the ex-Big Apple mayor and GOP frontrunner said. “Governor Romney did not have a good record in dealing with violent crime.”

What are the facts from the FBI:

  • Murders were up 7.5 percent during Romney’s tenure as Governor of Massachusetts
  • Robbery up 12 percent during Romney’s term
  • Murders were up 25 percent in Boston from 2002 to 2006 while Romney was governor.

How about an explanation, Mitt?

We know that YOU will NOT apologize for YOUR appointment of Judge Tuttman.

But, perhaps your Massachusetts staff and YOU should at least know the background of the judges that YOU recommend for the bench.

Is this someone who American voters want as their next President?


More crime stats from Massachusetts during Romney’s tenure as governor:

From 2005 to 2006 – most of which Romney spent out-of-state campaigning – murders were up 4.5 percent in Massachusetts, outpacing the national increase of 1.8 percent. In New England, murders were up 1.9 percent but some states, including Rhode Island and New Hampshire, saw double-digit declines. …

Under Romney, robberies were up 12 percent and burglaries 6 percent …

The numbers paint a murky picture of Romney’s record on crime, which may explain why he rarely broaches the subject on the stump……


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16 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rudy Calls on Mitt Romney to Explain Judicial Appointment

  1. What offends me almost as much as him appointing her is the game he is now playing.

    Calling for her to resign? He knows that isn’t going to happen. Does he really believe that people are going to buy this? Does he really think people aren’t going to be offended by this gimmick? Does he really believe we are going to be fooled?

    Well perhaps he does. After all, he believes that some ancient “white” American Indian angel came and talked to this guy in the 1800s. Someone who would believe that would believe just about anything.

    Truth about Mormonism.

    Forget terrorism. The most important issue in this Presidential Election is who will the next President appoint to the Federal Courts.

    Well we have seen what kinds of people he appointed when governor. If we expect something different from him in the White House then we are just as gullible as those who followed ole Joe Smith.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb dumb.

  2. Kevin,

    Well as far as I know Kerik was never so baseless when it came to decision making that someone was carelessly killed as a result of his action/s.

    Crap guy? Yeah
    Got the job done? You bet

    I don’t buy the Kerik v Tuttman juxtaposition

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