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Rudy Giuliani California Poll Watch: Rudy Leads Romney by 12 Points

Republican presidential hopeful, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, left, makes a point as Republican presidential hopeful, former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., listens, during the CNN/You Tube debate in St. Petersburg, Fla. Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani continues his commanding lead in Datamar’s latest California poll:

California continues to be kind to Rudy. However, remember that the number of GOP delegates is determined by winning in each Congressional District rather than winner take all which may mean that Giuliani is doing EVEN better, particularly in blue Northern California districts.

The Money Questions:

  • With Mike Huckabee now leading in Iowa and Romney leading in New Hampshire will this divide votes such that there will be a delegate slug-out at the GOP Convention in September 2008?
  • As candidates withdraw after early states losses (e.g. John McCain and Fred Thompson) where will their voters go?

Other California polls are here.

Stay tuned……..


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