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Republican Presidential hopeful, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani address the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association annual meeting in Chicago, Friday, Dec. 7, 2007.

Patrick Ruffini has the RIGHT analysis.

Unless Rudy melts down, the race could EVEN evolve into a “BROKERED” GOP CONVENTION” in September 2008.

Stay tuned……


Matthew Miller over at race42008 doesn’t think too much of Ruffini’s analysis. What Miller doesn’t remember are three states in different areas of the country where Giuliani is strong and where GOP Convention delegate numbers are many: New York, Illinois and California. Rudy will make it to February 5th. The question is who will be there with him?

Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rudy 26% Huckabee 18% McCain 13% Romney 12% Thompson 11% Paul 3% in Latest National GOP Poll

Rudy Giuliani Watch: Status of the Campaign PM Edition

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3 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Watch: Huckaboom Vs Mitt Plays into Giuliani Strategy”
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