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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Meet the Press


Mayor Giuliani discusses the Iranian threat with Tim Russert on Meet The Press, Sunday, December 9

Rudy Giulian appeared on Meet the Press this morning, looking Presidential, cementing his foreign policy credentials and surviving intense questions from Tim Russert:

Defusing a steady stream of tough questions with a ready laugh and dose of humility, Rudy Giuliani used his softer side to emerge largely unscathed from his hour-long appearance on “Meet the Press” this morning.

Appearing on the closely watched show for the first time in more than three years, Giuliani was met with a succession of topics that could damage his campaign: his legal and consulting clients, his pre-9/11 security preparations, his resignation from the Iraq Study Group, his ties to Bernard Kerik and his use of security detail to protect his then-mistress, Judith Nathan.

Some of his responses may provide fodder to rival campaigns, but Giuliani did an important thing in keeping his cool and responding to Tim Russert’s aggressive style with a mix of humor and contrition.

Flap was worried that Tim Russert, a former Democrat staffer would unmercifully attack the Mayor about his past mistakes in his personal life. Perhaps an interview from an adversary is what Rudy needed to put these issues aside, take responsibility, apologize and move on. It is noteworthy that Giuliani did not make excuses, assign responsibilities or play any sort of “blame game.”

Everyone in life makes mistakes and it is too easy to push off blame on others. It is the true leader who learns form these mistakes and moves forward.

Stay tuned as the New York tabloids and Oppo research organizations attempt to make Rudy a liar.

The entire Meet the Press interview can be viewed here.


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