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Ron Paul Watch: Paul Pays Former GOP Arkansas Lawmakers To Trash Mike Huckabee in Iowa

Republican presidential hopeful, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, responds during the Des Moines Register Republican Presidential Debate in Johnston, Iowa, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2007.

Ron Paul is paying former Arkansas State Senator Jim Holt and former Arkansas State Representative Randy Minton $5,000 to NOT hype Ron Paul’s candidacy but trash talk Mike Huckabee in Iowa.

Flap doesn’t believe that he has ever heard of direct payment by a campaign for a “NEGATIVE” surrogate attack. Or at least have the campaign admit it.

Paul’s campaign said Thursday it was paying former Sen. Jim Holt and former Rep. Randy Minton about $5,000 each to go to Iowa for a series of radio interviews criticizing Huckabee’s 10 1/2 years as Arkansas governor.

“We just want to make sure Iowans get the full picture of what Governor Huckabee did when he was in office,” said Paul’s campaign spokesman, Jesse Benton. “There hasn’t been a whole lot of information going out to Iowans and we want to make sure they get the full picture.”

Didn’t Flap mention a few months ago that Paul was going to do negative and enfarious campaign influencing with all of that money he has been raising? Paul NEVER had any intention to try to win this race. RP is playing “SPOILER.”

It is just starting folks.

Who will Ron Paul try to sink in New Hampshire and South Carolina? And, he will continue until his $12 million or so is spent.

Wonder if Mitt Romney is chipping in?

Stay tuned…..


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  • Brent

    Hrm… Arkansas legislators, who have a record of opposing Huckabee’s immigration policies, both who happen to lean towards Thompson, are being paid to tell the truth about Huckabee in Iowa?

    What is negative and dirty about it? He is just paying those who know Huckabee the best about Huckabee’s immigration policies.

  • RobertD

    I am kinda dissappointed in a sense. There is no need for anyone to bash any of the candidates,,,they implode all by themselves…
    They cant dig up anything on Ron Paul, so there is no need for him to lash out…

    Take your Blog for instance,,I’ve been reading it, and you have just had your comment edited because you are a Ron Paul troll.

    Next time read the comments policy and act accordingly or you will be sent to ban land.

  • Wiseburn


    Paul has always been open and honest. Even so with his campaign. Paul IS running to win. That is why he is attracting so many people to his campaign. Yesterday 50,000 people gave an average $120 each to Paul. They wouldn’t be doing this if they thought Paul had no chance.

    Guiliani is falling. Huckabee will begin sliding soon. Out of Paul’s $18,000,000 what’s $5000 to help set the record straight on the Huckster.


  • Flap

    Yes, Rudy is falling now. Perhaps he is done. Maybe not.

    My bet is that with all of this money Ron Paul will run a third party race for the Presidency – despite what he says.

    Ron Paul will NOT be the GOP nominee. I can guarantee you that.

    I am not so sure about Huckabee though. He has some real popularity going on despite his money problems.