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Former Democrat, Now Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman to Endorse GOP Senator John McCain for President

Breaking news: Independent Senator and former Democrat nominee for Vice President Joseph Lieberman will endorse Republican Senator John McCain for President.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (Conn.), who was on the national Democratic ticket in 2000, will cross the aisle to endorse Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) tomorrow, Republican sources said.

The two will appear together on NBC’s “Today” show tomorrow, then at an 8 a.m. town hall in Hillsborough, N.H.

Don’t think this will help McCain any place except in New Hampshire where Independents may vote for him. In fact, it very much reminds the GOP base why they mistrust McCain’s GOP values in the first place.

This endorsement in the short term may hurt Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, help Rudy Giuliani in Michigan and help Fred Thompson in South Carolina.

John McCain will be the net loser in this latest deal.  But, what does he care?  McCain lost this battle for the Presidency long ago.

Stay tuned…….


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3 thoughts on “Former Democrat, Now Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman to Endorse GOP Senator John McCain for President

  1. Flap,

    Two questions. First, did you see Romney’s appearance on Meet The Press? I did not, however, Romnney has already been caught in one lie–he claimed the NRA had endorsed him when he ran for governor. Not true. I also understand that Russert nailed him on his numerous flip-flopps.

    Second, reports that Rudy is cutting the expensive advertising out of Boston for the New Hampshire primary but will continue to advertise via radio, cable and the one tv stattion in NH. The campaign says that the early state primaries are very fluid and that it is clear that the race will continue through Feb.5, and that Rudy will put substantial assets into Florida and Feb. 5 primaries. Your thoughts?

    You can respond via my e-mail if more convenient.

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