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Mitt Romney Watch: Romney Attacks Huckabee with False and Misleading Claims


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Mitt Romney’s lies, flip-flops and oddities are becoming more of a habit. This time Romney LIES about Mike Huckabee’s record on methamphetamine laws and clemencies he granted as governor of Arkansas.

  • The ad says Romney “got tough on drugs like meth” while governor of Massachusetts, but the legislation he supported never passed, and his state’s laws are much weaker than Arkansas’. Convicted meth dealers face both minimum and maximum prison terms in Arkansas that are four times longer than those in Massachusetts.
  • The ad misrepresents news articles, implying that they supported Romney’s actions as governor when that’s not what the news organizations said. One article, in fact, gave critical views of Romney’s refusal to issue a pardon.

Good ol’ Mitt:



Romney today continued the attacks on Huckabee:

As evidenced by his television ads, Romney has a vested interest in making sure that Huckabee’s record is well-publicized. Those attacks, he says, are issue-based, justified, and fair.

“I noticed that Gov. Huckabee was not happy with the fact that I’ve been laying out his positions on a number of areas such as crime and immigration,” he said. “But I don’t recall him in any way criticizing the facts. He DID pardon 1,033 people. He did pardon 12 murderers.”

“He talks about the attacks not being fair,” he added. “But they’re accurate.”

Actually, they are inaccurate.

What is accurate is that Mitt will Say, Do anything to get himself elected.


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