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Politico Goes Negative on Giuliani Medical Condition

Republican presidential candidate former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks during a town hall meeting in Hopkinton, New Hampshire December 22, 2007.

Well, the Politico blew the earlier Giuliani Scandal and apparently the Fred Thompson hat one. So, they are making a big deal about Rudy’s physicians releasing a full report after Christmas.

Give me a break.

What physician in his right mind is going to waste his time during the weekend before Christmas to satiate the Politico or national press corps.

This piece by the Politico that implies Giuliani is hiding something is just plain bull shit.

If anything they should applaud Rudy’s good sense when he had a crushing headache to seek medical advice and consultation. Anyone of his age under the stress of a Presidential campaign, having his symptoms, would be thought to be having a TIA.

How do I know?

Flap has some medically related background and has had crushing headaches that were stress induced when he was in political office – and nothing like what a Presidential campaign must be.

The report plus all of the tests will be eventually be made public – AFTER CHRISTMAS.

There is a HURRY, why? Because the Politico hates Rudy and uses every chance they can to take a cheap shot.


Even more Bull Shit from Lefty NBC News – A Giuliani Withdrawal rumor.  God Damn Lester watch the freaking news or get off your lazy ass and conduct an interview.


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