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Rudy Giuliani Watch: California Based


Mayor Rudy Giuliani sat down with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and talked about his ability to unite all parts of the Republican party and beat the Democrats in November 2008.

Rudy Giuliani has a presence in California – more than any other GOP candidate. Flap cannot recall any GOP Presidential primary campaign except for Ronald Reagan’s that has seen a more active candidate IN CALIFORNIA. Most come to California, extract their fundraising dollars and then return to Ohio and Florida to woo voters.


California, a blue state, is NOT in play.

Rudy hopes to change this and here is the strategy.

Moreover, the Giuliani campaign has “intellectual roots” based at the Stanford University (Palo Alto, California) Hoover Institute.

A search for the intellectual center of gravity behind Mayor Giuliani ‘ s presidential campaign leads not to his hometown of New York, nor to the nation’s capital, but to a conservative think tank here amid Stanford University’s mild climes and mission-style roofs.

At least a dozen policy advisers to Mr. Giuliani’s campaign hail from or have active connections to Stanford’s Hoover Institution, a number that appears to outpace other right-leaning research centers such as the Manhattan Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation.

The former mayor’s policy team is divided into four general areas: domestic, foreign, economic, and homeland security. Mr. Giuliani’s chief economic adviser, Michael Boskin, is a senior fellow at Hoover and a former aide to President George H.W. Bush. The campaign’s top foreign policy expert, Charles Hill, is a diplomat in residence at Yale University and a research fellow at Hoover.

So, Rudy as the GOP nominee will be able to REALISTICALLY contest California.

Ask the same about Mitt Romney, John McCain or Mike Huckabee?

Stay tuned…….


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