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The latest anti-McCain television ad from Mitt Romney now “on air” in New Hampshire

David Brody over at the Christian Broadcasting Network asks the question: Is Romney Desperate?

Here is the latest anti-Huckabee ad now “on air” in Iowa.


So, is Mitt worried? Is he desperate?


Romney is trailing in Iowa to Mike Huckabee in most all of the polls and John McCain is making a run at him in New Hampshire.

Will Romney gain by these negative attack ads?


Listen to Brother Brody:

Fair or not, perceived or otherwise, Romney has developed the reputation as someone who will change positions or just say anything to get elected President. When he goes negative against Huckabee and McCain, it plays into the perception that is already formed about him. It makes him look desperate. The mental picture is that Romney’s arms are flailing in every direction looking to hit something. McCain on taxes may work but Romney has some of his own issues with increasing fees in Massachusetts. Hitting Huckabee on immigration may also work but Romney needs to duck for cover on that issue too because of some of his past statements.

The problem here for Romney is that he’s not pure on these issues either so everytime he attacks, he gives his opponents a chance to strike back. John McCcain has been skewering Romney lately by mouth and press release.

Flap thinks Romney may have just sunk himself with his unlimited money paying for negative ads and large media buys, impatience and blatant desperation.

Look at the PUSHBACK by McCain:


But, we will see in a few days, now won’t we?

Stay tuned……


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10 Responses to “Mitt Romney Watch: Is Mitt Desperate?”
  1. James says:

    Are you serious? Why is pointing out McCains record desperate? McCain is pro-amnesty, anti-tax cut (twice), and pro-death tax. He loves all these things, oh wait he is agianst all these things. Wait a minute is that a flip-flop? Also how come McCain never attacks Romneys assertations? He just talks about how Romney is in a tailspin? If the things Romney were saying were not true then ehy doenst McCain refute them? I have asked some questions and you have my email address, I wait for your response. Really, I would love to hear your answers

    What has Huckabee given as far as policy specifics in anything besides the national sales tax, or more precisely the “absolutely hammer the poor bcuse I dont really understand how it works but it sounds like a good idea tax”. Huck is a good guy I am sure but he has a very liberal record. How do you increase a state budget 10 billion dollars. How do you support giving illegals in-state tuition when there are those who cant even afford that in your own state who are actual residents of your own state. Huck is great for one-liners but awful at running a country.

  2. Paul8148 says:

    McCain TV AD can only be Describe as going Nucluar.

  3. Stefano Picciotto says:

    “Tell them anything” is right. . Romney is not just a flip-flopper: he’s a phony and a fake. .

    During his campaign for Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney promised judicial reform for Massachusetts. The reality is he left the system more broken than it was before his term in office. Judge Tuttman is not an isolated incident. Governor Romney also nominated and pushed for the confirmation of Judge Mitchel J. Sikora to the Massachusetts Court of Appeals. When Romney did this, he was made personally aware by me that Judge Sikora had a track record of “outrageous” leniency toward violent criminals. By way of example only, prior to the judicial confirmation hearing, members of the public made Governor Romney personally aware that Judge Sikora had:

    ï‚· Acquitted the man who killed Jacqueline O’ Donald finding that, giving her the date-rape drug GBL was not “reckless or wanton” enough to sustain the charge of manslaughter because Dolan “did not know the drug was dangerous to the point of grave bodily harm.” (See Boston Globe article dated December 31, 2003, “Plymouth Man, 34 Cleared in Death”)

    ï‚· Released a rapist from the Treatment Center for the Sexually Dangerous in Bridgewater, over the strenuous objections of the Department of Corrections. Governor Cellucci called Sikora’s decision “outrageous.” Shortly after Judge Sikora released him, the rapist/pedophile was arrested for stalking girls with a rope, rock, and knife in his car, – his weapons of choice. (See Boston Herald article dated March 12, 1999, “Freed Mass. Rapist Arrested in UConn Stalking Incidents”)

    ï‚· Conducted Monty-Python type trials complete with jurors dressed in Halloween costumes. (See Boston Herald article dated October 31, 2004, “Judges Trick No Treat for Litigants”)

    The above are merely a few examples of the abhorrent behavior of Judge Mitchel Sikora. The public record documents that Judge Sikora was untruthful during his confirmation hearing. In spite of his personal knowledge of that kind of record (and I have the documents that prove it), Governor Romney elevated Judge Sikora to a higher court. If Romney becomes president of America, we will see a callous disregard for the quality of the federal judicial appointments and the protection of the public.

    Stefano Picciotto
    (978) 741-0218

  4. Verla Swords says:

    Yes I think Mitt is desperate. Desperate to get the truth out about Hickabee and McCain. Does any one realize how important the First Lady and family are? I follow the news daily and have only seen Mike Huckabees wife once. (I think it was his wife) and have yet to know if he has children.I am a 75 year old women and have seen a lot of Presidents come and go in my life time, I think Mitt will be the best thing that can happen to our Beautiful America. He is the only one running that can give us back our Country.He is the only one that is strong enough to make the right decisions especially now with the new problems.We need some one inteligent and strong enough. Go Mitt.

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  6. jim says:

    As always Romney sticks to policy, no matter how much he has been personally attacked. However, McCain immediately jumps to making it personal. McCain is NOT a leader, if someone disagrees with him he always goes in attack mode and makes it personal. Fortunately for us the networks don’t allow the f-bomb to be dropped. That’s McCain’s usual response.

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