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Romney For President Campaign Ad: Future

Governor Mitt Romney strikes back at Senator John McCain with this contrast-attack television ad in New Hampshire. But, Romney has his own problems with illegal immigration.

Will McCain respond with an ad of his own – highlighting Romney’s illegal aliens tending his mansion garden?


Team McCain strikes back at the Romney ad.

John McCain:

“If there’s any doubt that we’re doing well, it’s when Mitt Romney starts attacking. He’s attacking Huckabee out here in Iowa. I’m familiar with tailspins and I think he’s in one. Look, on the issue of immigration, my position is clear: We have to secure the borders, the borders have to be secured first. As president I would have the governors in the border states certify that the borders are secure. We learned a lesson and the message is they want the borders secured first. Then we go on to a temporary worker program and addressing the issue comprehensively. Look, I’ve never voted for a tax increase — Governor Romney increased taxes. I don’t know how to respond to a lot of his charges because tomorrow he may have a different position. … [Governor Romney has changed positions] on every issue, it’s a matter of record. And I haven’t changed.”

Update #2:

Marc Santora over at the NYT highlights misleading Romney statements about McCain.

Specifically, Mr. Romney assails Mr. McCain on both tax policies and immigration. On both topics, the commercial presents facts that could be construed either as selective or worse, misleading.


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