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Mitt Romney’s response to John McCain’s attack on Romney’s attack ads is a replay of an attack ad McCain used against President Bush in 2000:


McCain 2000 Attack Ad Compared Bush To Clinton


Nasty Mitt and Cranky McCain will be going at this for how many days?

Flap bets the voters tire of both of them……

Stay tuned for undoubtedly another round of “attacks.”


Hell’s bells now the National Review is smacking down the New Hampshire Union Leader for giving their guy Romney a bad rap and endorsing McCain:

The Union Leader’s advocacy of John McCain has become so fierce and lopsided that it has practically transformed itself into a pro-McCain 527 organization. It has not formalized the arrangement, which is lucky for it: If it had, McCain would, on his campaign-finance principles, have to try to shut it down.

But, what about Romney hagiogrpoher, Hugh Hewitt at Town Hall dot com, Matt Drudge and the Politico – all Romney shills?

Flap thinks the Romney folks protest too much!

Update #2:

The McCain campaign now directs everyone to view this anti-Romney video:


“All of the Old Comments From the 1994 and 2002 Campaigns that Mitt Romney Wishes Would Go Away.” 

It is funny and ironic as Jim Geraghty points out that the ad was created by two ad guys, Stuart Stevens and Russ Schriefer… who now work for Mitt Romney.

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7 Responses to “Mitt Romney Watch: Romney Attacks McCain for Attacking Bush in 2000”
  1. Paul8148 says:

    Check out the Rudy’s Campign thinking over this fight.

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