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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Iowa GOTV Flap?


A GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Mail piece dropped in Iowa

Johnathan Martin (formerly of the Mitt Romney endorsing National Review) and who now works for the Romney shill Politico is all upset about the above direct mail piece dropped by the Mayor in Iowa.

What is the flap?

There is none.

But, Martin and/or his employer (who are clearly in the bag for Romney) like to dig the Mayor for not doing well in Iowa and diverting his campaign resources to compete in larger delegate states where he is doing better in the polls.

Flap talked about the Mayor’s strategy earlier today.

Does Martin think that Rudy wants to capitulate completely in Iowa or does he wish to contrast His Man Mitt’s superior performance for one quarter the delegates as California as actually having relevance?

Or are Martin and the Politico just sore that the New York Times exposed their Giuliani-Nathan scandal as a FRAUD.


Next, Romney shill Martin relates this scenario for HIS MAN MITT:

A longtime NYC Rudy-watcher makes a very smart point contra the CW that a Mitt sweep of the first two states would harm Hizzoner.

With Huck and McCain out of the way courtesy of Iowa and New Hampshire, Rudy would get his head-to-head matchup with Mitt. With McCain out of the race, especially, Rudy would no longer see competition for the same pool of centrist and security-minded Republicans.

Rudy beats McCain one on one.  Rudy beats Huckabee one on one. Rudy beats Romney one on one.  Look at the demographics and the polls.

What Martin writes is babble.


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2 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Watch: Iowa GOTV Flap?

  1. I read the comments by Jonathan Martin. I did not occur to me that the guy and may be a shill for Romney. It was quite apparent that the timing of the hit piece on Rudy’s trips to see Judith was politically motivated ( besides telling only half the story and being mislieading ).

    I get the sense from reading the article today that Martin is upset that Rudy’s campaign is telling the so-called political experts that this is a different primary cycle and that they are failing to recognize the fact.This is one more reason that I hope Rudy is the nominee–we can then throw it back in their faces!!

  2. Rudy was set up at the You tube debates by Romney, Politico and some supporters of this debate format – after it was rescheduled.

    They wanted to unnerve him and have him appear angry/un-Presidential – which he was when he went after Romney on illegal aliens tending his mansion garden.

    The National Review and Politico have been as shamesless as the New York Times and the AP for shilling for their candidate, Romney.

    Lucky there are blogs that won’t let them get a way with it.

    By the way, if any readers subscribe to NR – CANCEL.

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