Mike HuckabeePresident 2008

President Mike Huckabee?

Republican presidential hopefuls, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, left, and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, right, spar over tax cuts while they were in office during the Fox News Republican Candidate Forum in Manchester, N.H., Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008.

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and a Fox News pundit must be drinking the Beltway Koolaid. Mike Huckabee has NO chance being elected President under ANY scenario.

Should the GOP nominate Huck or Romney the party membership will slip below 20% nationally and become almost irrelevant. The Reagan and Nixon coalitions will be fractured and a third independent party may rise – after Barack Obama is in his second year of the Presidency.

Why is the old, intemperate and cranky RINO McCain rising in the polls? GOP voters do not trust Huckabee or Romney.

This race will boil down to McCain vs. Giuliani on February 5th.

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