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New Hampshire GOP Voter Turnout Figures

Signs for Republican Presidential hopeful, Sen. John McCain R- Ariz. and Democratic Presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill. are posted in the snow in Manchester, N.H. Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2008 during New Hampshire’s Presidential Primary Day.

There will be 240,000 voters in the GOP primary of which 60,000 will not be registered Republican voters.

4 thoughts on “New Hampshire GOP Voter Turnout Figures

  1. Flap,

    I don’t know about you, but I will explode if I hear one more reporter or commentator ask Rudy whether his “unconventional” campaign strategy is the right one. Rudy’s retort is correct when he says this is an unconventional primary cycle.

  2. I hear that Hillary may be pulling out of South Carolina and Nevada and will concentrate on February 5 states.

    Sound familiar?

    With the massive Dem turnout I suspect Romney may eek out a win. Will be interesting.

    Did you see my post on Ron Paul?

    1. I read your Paul analysis. It really doesn’t suprise me about the guy. I hope you are wrong about Romney possibly pulling it out in New Hampshire. As I have said many times–I detest the man.

  3. I don’t like Romney as you know. The results tonight will most probably be muddled with McCain or Romney winning with a small margin.

    Romney will have to spend alot in Michigan to assure a win and McCain will have to devout whatever campaign money he is able to raise countering Mitt there.

    Huckabee has to support his base in South Carolina and Romney will be there running negative ads against him. McCain will have to make a play but I think he will be tied up in Michigan. Thompson will be there as well and siphon off 7-10 per cent.

    In the meantime, Rudy concentrates on Florida, California and other Feb. 5 states.

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