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The Giuliani Revised “Fast Form”

Flap had this post yesterday with the original Giuliani “Fast Form.” Flapsblog Commenter a ng correctly identified an error and it has since been corrected.

Damn, Flap hates tax forms and the line items.

Thanks a ng.

Go here and you can quickly plug in numbers to calculate your taxes under the Giuliani plan. You can read more about the tax plan here.

6 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Unveils Largest Tax Cut in American History – Redux”
  1. a ng says:

    You are most welcome. Go Rudy!

  2. Dennis says:

    I see Rudy is up with another new tv ad to run in Florida and on Fox News. This one represents his promise to cut taxes based on his new tax plan.

    I have seen the announcement from his campaign that it has moved out of Michigan and will concentrate all efforts on Florida. Among other things, the campaign says it does not want to get in a cash race with Romnney. Given the way Rudy is advertising in Florida and on cable, it is smart move.

    Save your resources for a state that is important and that you can win.

  3. Flap says:

    I have been writing for months that Rudy would win or lose based on Florida’s media campaign.

    He will go “all in” there.

    The death match for Romney will be in Michigan and for Huckabee in South Carolina. If McCain loses either of the two he may be done.

    Interesting times since Huckabee and McCain have no money.

    Will anyone attack in a few hours?

    I say Romney goes after McCain.

  4. Dennis says:

    Romney has no choice but to go after McCain–and nothing to lose at this time. Rumors persist that Mrs. Romney is not happy with hubby spending millions on trying to get the nomination. If Romney has any class ( which is debatable ) he will get out if he loses Michigan.

    I know for a fact that McCain has no organization in California and am told by reliable sources the same is true for Florida. Also, those in the know say that it is too late for him to build kind of organization in either state. He can’t really make any appearances in Florida until after the South Carolina primary, and to extent he has a staff, they will be with him on the ground until then.

  5. Flap says:

    I heard the same about Ann Romney.

    McCain can only hope for free media in California. Arnold will be an anathema for any GOP Presidential campaign since his budget is a disaster. And, the state is bankrupt.

    So, Arnold is out of the equation for McCain.

    Romney does have some organization here but do to time and $$$ I doubt he will play in Cali.

    And, delegates are selected by Congressional District and you must have organization to microtarget.

    Rudy will win California and Florida.

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