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Iran Nuclear Watch: U.S. Intel – Iran Directly Engaged in Manufacture of a Nuclear Weapon

Machines use yellow cake to produce Uranium hexafluoride (UF6) at the Iranian Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facilities (UCF), 420 kms south of Tehran, in 2007. Iran still possesses the capacity to produce nuclear weapons even though it may have stopped its atomic arms development program, a senior US intelligence official said Wednesday.

Now, the United States has suspicions that Iran is attempting to make a nuclear weapon and has passed along to the IAEA intelligence that directly implicates Tehran.

Shared in the past two weeks was material on a laptop computer reportedly smuggled out of Iran, said another diplomat, accredited to the IAEA. In 2005, U.S. intelligence assessed that information as indicating that Tehran had been working on details of nuclear weapons, including missile trajectories and ideal altitudes for exploding warheads.

He said that after declassification, U.S. intelligence also was forwarded on two other issues—the “Green Salt Project”—a plan the U.S. alleges links diverse components of a nuclear weapons program, including uranium enrichment, high explosives testing and a missile re-entry vehicle, and material in Iran’s possession showing how to mold uranium metal into warhead form.

Israel has already made the same point and today the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, wants further investigation.

In the meantime, Iran who has been sanctioned twice by the United Nations Security Council and continues uranium enrichment.



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