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Hillary Clinton Watch: Obama Guilty of Plagiarism?



The Clinton Cabal has accused Barack Obama of plagiarising Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s words ‘without attribution’. Watch the video below:


Barack Obama’s Wisconsin speech from 2/17/08
That speech contained language similar to Deval Patrick’s 2006 speech called “Just Words”.

Speeches are very similar. The GOP and Team Clinton have been saying for weeks that Obama is an “EMPTY SUIT” and full of rhetoric and NO substance.

It appears his rhetoric is borrowed with NO substance.

Will this be an opening for Hillary?

Obama’s response – No Big Deal. And, that Patrick and Obama are friends and “share thoughts on ideas and language.”

Maybe the MSM will NOW scrutinize Obama’s ideas rather than his “FLASH.” A President has to be more than a friend of Oprahs and a nicely delivered speech. There has to be some there, there.


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Watch: Obama Guilty of Plagiarism?

  1. I reckon Hillaryland is still underestimating the amount of media protection that Obama gets. Nothing they throw or dig up is going to stick on Obama. The media’s first reflex when Hillary launches new shots is to debunk it comprehensively before anyone even gets to reading the initial accusations. And it makes Hillary look like she’s vicious (which she is). I guess Obama is going to wrap this up sooner than expected.

  2. Yes, it looks like the plagiarism angle will not help Hillary in Wisconsin today.

    But, the GOP will put it in their memory banks to run ads against Obama over the summer.

    Perhaps this will be the opening salvo for McCain against Barack.

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