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Tom McClintock Watch: Congress – Stay Tuned


McClintock is raising money and has opened an exploratory committee

California State Senator Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) listens to Presidential candidate Fred Thompson who McClintock endorsed

The rumors that California GOP State Senator Tom McClintock will run in Northern California’s 4th Congressional district accelerated yesterday when McClintock dropped by a demonstration of support for his candidacy on the State Capitol steps in Sacramento.

State Sen. Tom McClintock made a public stop today on his — maybe, maybe, quite possible — courtship with running for Congress in the Sacramento region’s 4th District.

As California College Republicans gathered on the north steps of the Capitol to urge McClintock to run for the seat being vacated by Rep. John Doolittle, McClintock eagerly dropped in on the fun. And he said he’ll decide soon.

“I expect to be making an announcement one way or another next week – so stay tuned,” McClintock said.

The Thousand Oaks Republican was egged on by Ryan Clumpner. The UC Davis student and state chairman of the College Republicans presented him with two poster boards filled with signatures of people asking him to get into the race. The signatures were gathered at last week’s state GOP convention in San Francisco.

“I don’t know what to say except thank you,” McClintock said. “Obviously, we’re looking at this very carefully. This kind of encouragement means a lot. … I wish I could offer you an announcement and an answer, but it will be a few more days.”

Tom is inching forward to this race cautiously and lining up his supporters. There is, of course, the carpetbagger issue and other GOP candidates who wish to sabotage his candidacy. However, neither of these should deter McClintock.


Sign at last weekend’s California GOP San Francisco Convention


And, did Flap mention that McClintock is raising money?


Tom McClintock Watch: Congress in McClintock’s Future?