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Mohammed Cartoon Watch: Morocco – Cartoons Are “A Short Step from Terrorism”


One of the Mohammed cartoons that sparked riots last year throughout the Muslim world

Now, Morocco’s clerics are getting into the act in condemning Danish newpapers for reprinting the cartoons of Mohammed which previously had created riots throughout the Muslim world.

Morocco’s highest religious authority has said a decision by Danish newspapers to reprint a controversial caricature of the Prophet Mohammad was “a short step from terrorism”.

Last month Danish newspapers reprinted the cartoon, which had prompted violent protests and riots in many Muslim countries in 2006, in solidarity with the artist after three men were arrested on suspicion of planning to kill him.

Morocco’s Higher Council of Ulema said in a statement issued on Sunday that the reprinting “reflects like a mirror a surprising ethical deficiency that is a short step from terrorism, with destructive effects for all humanity”.


  • It said the cartoons represented “aggression against the sacred values of Muslims” and urged authorities in countries where the cartoons have also been reprinted to “act with all haste to bring the aggressors to cease their aggression”.

In other words, governments should step in to prevent criticism of radical Islam.



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6 thoughts on “Mohammed Cartoon Watch: Morocco – Cartoons Are “A Short Step from Terrorism”

  1. When I read about the Danish Mohammed cartoon hoopla in the Muslim and/or Arab press there will always be complaints about not being able to get cartoons that ridicule or deny the Holocaust printed in the west. Strange, not once do I hear Muslims complain about not being able to ridicule or openly question Bosnian ethnic cleasing, slavery, imperialism, colonialism, Rwanda, Dafur, etc. What’s up with that? Muslims always complain they’re unfairly accused of anti-semitism but they complain ALOT about not being able to openly ridicule dead Jews (although they can and do legally do so in many muslims countries), but never mind the media censorship of questioning or ridiculing atrocities when the victims are Muslims, Arabs, Pakistanians, Africans, Iranians, Afgans, etc.

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