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Rush Limbaugh Urges a Vote for Hillary

Michael Ramirez parodies Hillary’s 3 AM television ad

Rush says vote for Hillary and Republicans to “pimp themselves” – at least tomorrow!

“I understand I’ve got a big challenge here to try to get Republicans to change their minds on this and vote for Hillary to keep her in the race, to keep that party at war with itself,” Limbaugh told listeners this week.

“It’s clear that Republicans in Texas have been listening to this program where we have advised Republicans to pimp themselves for a day and go vote in the (Democratic) primary … I just think, at this stage, the longer Hillary can stay in this, the better for us,” he was quoted by Newsmax as saying.

“If Hillary loses this thing, all of that’s going to come to a screeching halt,” Limbaugh said. “We want all the disruption in that party as possible. It’s about us winning.”

Flap urges Texas Republicans to go for it!

Vote Hillary Clinton – never thought I would write THAT.

8 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Urges a Vote for Hillary

  1. How dare you promote this. This is America, a democracy, in case you forgot. May the best candidate win. Its not just about republicans, its not just about democrats, Its about the American people. THIS IS PROOF THAT AMERICA IS LOOSING ITS DEMOCRACY

  2. I can’t even begin to argue with anything so stupid. First of all, Bush has screwed things up so much for the reputation of Republicans that it’s laughable that Rush Limbaugh can do anything to hurt Democrats to change that. He’s wasting his breath. It’s a close race and Rush Limbaugh’s call to his fans has nothing to do with it, but he likes to think it has.
    I listen to Talk Radio AND npr so I know what I am talking about as oppossed to people who just believe whatever Talk Radio says about liberal media. Discover something or yourself. Nobody who enjoys thinking for themselves listens to Rush Limbaugh, let alone follows his example in anything.

  3. The race is over and Texas voters must have listened to Rush.

    Hillary won.

    Where have you been in the last 24 hours?

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