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Do-Over Democrat Primary Elections in Michigan and Florida?


There is increasing pressure to have a Do-Over election in Florida and Michigan.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters at her Ohio primary election night rally in Columbus, Ohio March 4, 2008.

The Democrat Party has a problem with Michigan and Florida – they disallowed their early primary elections because of a violation of party rules when they moved up their primary elections. Now, they have Hillary and Obama in a dead heat who both need delegates from these states in order to win the party nomination.

So, will the Democrat Parties in Michigan and Florida reschedule (redo) primary elections so their votes will count?

The governors of both states, along with top officials in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign, are now saying they would consider holding a sort of do-over contest by June. That’s a change from their previous insistence that the primaries their states held in January should determine how the states’ delegates are allocated.

Clinton won both contests, but the results were meaningless because the elections violated national party rules. Neither Clinton nor her rival Barack Obama campaigned in either state, and Obama’s name wasn’t even on the Michigan ballot.

The Democratic National Committee stripped both states of all their delegates for holding the primaries too early, and all Democratic candidates agreed not to campaign in either state.

Florida and Michigan moved up their dates to protest the party’s decision to allow Iowa and New Hampshire to go first, followed by South Carolina and Nevada, giving them a disproportionate influence on the presidential selection process.

This might be a satisfactory compromise but Flap doubts it will happen. Hillary will fight to keep the vote as it is where she wins and then work the super delegates to put her over the top. Obama will argue that both states are disqualified and all delegates should not be seated at the convention as per DNC rules.

Either a redo vote or a complete disqualification/disenfranchisement of Michigan and Florida voters work to the GOP’s advantage. Can you imagine a June primary election in Florida with both candidates burning through $ millions in a media campaign – negative ads and all?

Or, can you imagine a Democrat Convention which refuses to seat elected delegates from Michigan and Florida and disenfranchises their voters? Then, the convention will be “BROKERED” with Hillary using her husband’s party clout to steal the nomination from Obama.

Karl Rove could not have written a better script.

Advantage – GOP.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama speaks to supporters at his Ohio and Texas primary election night rally in San Antonio, Texas, March 4, 2008.