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Do-Over Democrat Primary Elections in Michigan and Florida? Part Two

A day after the idea of Do-Over Democrat primary elections in Michigan and Florida was floated, there is increasing pressure by politicians of both states to hold the election – and by June.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean urged Florida and Michigan party officials to come up with plans to repeat their presidential nominating contests so that their delegates can be counted.

“All they have to do is come before us with rules that fit into what they agreed to a year and a half ago, and then they’ll be seated,” Dean said during a round of interviews Thursday on network and cable TV news programs.

The two state parties will have to find the funds to pay for new contests without help from the national party, Dean said.

“We can’t afford to do that. That’s not our problem. We need our money to win the presidential race,” he said.

But, who will pay for the elections?

The Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist says the Democrat Party will pay. Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democrat National Committee says they will not pay because they do not have the money. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida sent a letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean Thursday asking the committee to either accept the Jan. 29 results of the primary election or pay for a redo of the elections, which could cost in the range of $20 million.

And, who benefits?

Hillary Clinton marginally – according to new pledged delegate numbers. She will benefit more if the results of the previous elections are upheld and there is NO revote.

Who REALLY benefits?

The GOP and John McCain because both Hillary’s and Obama’s campaigns would have to spend megabucks in these two states on paid media and the negative ads would damage both candidates.

Senator Nelson is correct. This is a train wreck – but may be Hillary’s ONLY chance to beat Obama.

Does the Democrat Party have ANY choice not to have a do-over election?


Do-Over Democrat Primary Elections in Michigan and Florida?

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  1. The big complaint I keep hearing it that the people of FL and MI deserve to have their voices heard. Damn straight they do AND they actually have. The democratic voters in both those states elected people to represent their interests who saw fit to ignore the rules of the national nominating process. The voters of FL and MI should have their say. They did and will. The next time they vote they ought to vote for people other than the knuckleheads that decided to disenfranchises them.

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