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Barack Obama Watch: Quelling the Jeremiah Wright Flap

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama speaks during a town hall meeting at the Community College of Beaver County in Monaca, Pennsylvania March 17, 2008

Senator Barack Obama will deliver in about an hour a speech regarding race, his campaign and his association with his Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama will seek to quell a controversy over inflammatory rhetoric by his former pastor in a speech on Tuesday on the issue of race.

An aide to Obama, whose speech will be delivered at a historic building across from Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell at 10:15 a.m. EDT, said the speech will have a strong personal element. Obama worked late into the night on Sunday drafting it.

Good luck, dude.

It will be hard to disassociate yourself from someone you have known for over twenty years, attended his church, married you, baptized your kids and served as your spiritual inspiration.

Listen to this and one will understand.

or this one where he glowingly introduces Wright:

Stay tuned for the speech and watch the right side bar as Flap delivers commentary over Twitter.


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