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Day By Day by Chris Muir March 18, 2008

Day By Day by Chris Muir

The damage done to the Obama campaign by Jeremiah Wright is between disastrous and terminally calamitous. Where has the MSM been the past year in vetting Obama’s character and associations. We know the media has treated Obama as the second coming as his policy remains cloaked in rhetoric.

Today’s speech may be important in an attempt to stop the defection of Democrat Super Delegates. But, it is Flap’s bet that Obama has already lost Pennsylvania by double digits and his campaign will slowly hemorrhage.

The game is on for Hillary to reinforce to the Democrat Party that Obama cannot win the general election against John McCain. And, she is correct.

If the election were held today, McCain would win 45 plus states.


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One Comment

  • Elizabeth

    One word for you DREAM ON

    Obama is on his way to becoming one of the greatest Presidents that this country has ever known.

    Hillary is a liar. She continues to prove that every single day that she opens her mouth.

    Lied about being named after Edmund Hillary.
    Lied about Obama’s involvement with the Canadians and NAFTA.
    Continues to accuse Obama of what she herself does.

    1990 politics as usual doesn’t hack it. So what if she wins Penn? She has already lost the race.