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Tony Strickland Watch: The Website Flap?


Why is Simi Valley, Royal High School, World History teacher Brian Dennert trying to PUNK former GOP Assemblyman Tony Strickland’s California State Senate Website Volunteer form?

Tony Strickland’s website for his State Senate ( CA 19, currently Tom McClintock R someplace not here ) run is up.

Make sure to sign up for his campaign updates.

Maybe see how silly of a name he will accept. Try Jack Abramoff, Barack Obama, John McCain, Karl Marx, Hannah Beth Jackson and Jim Dantona.

If he sends a releases to your funny name post it here.

Oh, an April Fool’s joke, you say.

Or is it that Dennert is a partisan Democrat using a Ventura County newspaper blog to denigrate a GOP candidate?

One wonders………..

Flap anticipates that in this hotly contested California Senate race the fireworks are yet to REALLY begin.


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