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John McCain Watch: California in Play?


John McCain on Fox News Sunday, April 6, 2008

John McCain on Fox News Sunday this morning alludes to the fact that independent voters might give him the nod in California and that Democrats should not take the Golden State for granted.

“California can no longer be written off in my view,” McCain said. “And that means going to all parts of that state and reaching out to Hispanic voters, independents, others.”

Now, whether McCain will be speeding up and down The 5 on the Straight Talk Express in late October is an open question.

But it’s apparent that the candidate — who has a place on Coronado and has been called “the third senator from California” — wants to at least give it a shot.

Should Barack Obama receive the nomination over Hillary Clinton, McCain has a shot at California. Hispanic voters (at least the ones Flap knows) like McCain and are so so to mistrustful of Obama.

At this stage of the campaign, McCain needs California’s prolific donors to refuel his coffers and what better way to do it than to promise more campaigning in their state.

Flap doubts California will turn red this Fall but the combination of McCain vs. Obama might do it.

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