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Day By Day by Chris Muir April 7,2008


Day By Day by Chris Muir

The country is slipping into recession and there will be alot of folks working in jobs that will not be their first choice. Yet, the Democrats want to resort to “old” solutions in a new world economy.

Their “old” solution is tax and redistribute income.


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2 thoughts on “Day By Day by Chris Muir April 7,2008

  1. It was slightly more tolerable during the Clinton era cause we had the money to tax and spend. Now they want to borrow from other countries, tax and pay for pork.

  2. During the Bill Clinton era he cut defense spending and the marginal tax rates were higher. Same with the capital gains tax rate.

    The GOP decided to spend and not tax – hence massive deficits.

    And, one of the reasons why they are no longer in the majority.

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