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Representative John Murtha Says John McCain is Too Old to Be President


Democrat Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania

John McCain is too old to be President says Democrat Congressman John Murtha.

Murtha told a union audience Wednesday that the presidency is “no old man’s job.” The Pennsylvania congressman is supporting Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Murtha is 75, four years older than McCain. He says they are nearly the same age, and the rigors and stress of the presidential campaign is too much for guys their age.

If elected, McCain will be the oldest president to occupy the Oval Office at the age of 72.

Flap agrees and has written the same and is why he supported Rudy Giuliani for President. But, GOP voters said otherwise.

In choosing a President between an “old” John McCain and an inexperienced, left-wing radical in Barack Obama, Flap will vote for McCain. As for Hillary, who Murtha supports, I’ll take McCain over a corrupt political opportunist any day.


  • Dennis

    I agree that McCain’s age is a real negative. Should Obama be the democrat candidate, his youth will contrast significantly with McCain’s age in the debates. Not a good thing for McCain and republicans.

    The age and charisma factors are just two of the many reasons I thought Rudy would be a much better candidate than McCain. On this point, I have digested McCain’s “Economic Speech” he gave yesterday. It was okay, but he could not resist criticizing corporate heads for their substantial salaries and other benefits. He also did not address the oil crisis and other costs and the possible recession. I still don’t entirely trust him on making the Bush tax cuts permanent.

    If only Rudy had run a better campaign. No one will ever convince me that McCain is a better candidate for president than Rudy.

  • Flap

    I agree.

    Rudy, despite his flaws, would have made a far better President than any of the presumed nominees.

    If the American public wanted change Rudy would have delivered.

    McCain is a place holder for four years while the GOP develops a new genreration of Presidential candidates.

    Hillary will be back in 2012 while Rudy is either Attorney General or the Governor of New York.