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Hillary Clinton Up By 11 Points on Eve of Pennsylvania Primary?

US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) takes the stage after her husband, former President Bill Clinton (L), to address a crowd of supporters in Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 21, 2008.

Matt Drudge had the poop earlier in the day that Hillary is up big in Pennsylvania.

Controlled excitement is building inside of Clinton’s inner circle as closely guarded internal polling shows the former first lady with an 11-point lead in Pennsylvania!

Clinton is polling near to nearly 2 to 1 over Obama in many regions of the state, a top insider explained to the DRUDGE REPORT.

A strong coalition of middle-class and religious voters has all but secured a Clinton victory Tuesday, with headline-making margins, the campaign believes.

“It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of how much,” a senior campaign source said Monday morning.

When pressed if the dramatic internal polling numbers could somehow be flawed in a state as demographically complex as Pennsylvania, and with new voter registration surging to unseen levels, the campaign insider held firm.

“Senator Obama would be wise not to unpack his bags quite yet.”

With less than 24 hours to go until the beginning of the end of primary season voting, Obama has handedly captured Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but has failed to dominate suburban sprawl, the campaign’s polling reveals.

An 11-point victory in Pennsylvania for Clinton would expand on margins scored in Ohio.

Clinton will quickly move to feverishly focus on Indiana starting Tuesday night, hoping to somehow convince superdelegates that she not only has superior stamina but has crucial swing state appeal.

Without superdelegate intervention, Clinton still faces impossible math to nomination.

And, Flap has been wondering why is Hillary up so much?

Hillary is being outspent, out campaign advertised and has high negative polling.

Could it be Pennsylvania voters have learned how RADICAL Barack Obama REALLY is? Did the recent revelation of Obama’s association with left-wing, anti-Vietnam War, Weather Underground bomber William Ayers and Obama’s comparison of Ayers with Dr. and Senator Tom Coburn have something to do with Obama’s fall?



William Ayers, Tom Coburn and Barack Obama

Listen to John McCain on ABC national television yesterday criticizing the Obama-William Ayers relationship:


The bloom has come off of the Obama rose and the question for tomorrow and Pennsylvanians is how much?


Barack Obama Watch: Comparing Bill Ayers and Tom Coburn