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Barack Obama Watch: Why Wasn’t William Ayers Prosecuted?


William Ayers, Tom Coburn and Barack Obama

Remember that Barack Obama compared Weather Underground Bomber William Ayers to Senator Tom Coburn. Now, questions are arising why Ayers and his radical bomber wife, Bernardine Dohrn were never prosecuted for their crimes (via Hugh Hewitt).

Answer: Deep Throat AKA FBI Agent Mark Felt

If everyone knows that William Ayers and his comrades in the Weather Underground were planning to set bombs to murder innocent people, why didn’t they do time?

Because the investigation against them was muffed thanks to the illegal activities of the Washington Post’s favorite Watergate answer man himself, Mark Felt — aka Deep Throat.

In 1972-73, FBI official Felt and his colleague Edward S. Miller authorized nine illegal break-ins at the homes of Weather Underground members. When the black bag jobs became public, the federal government decided it couldn’t prosecute the alleged terrorists. Indicted during the Carter Administration, Felt and Miller were tried in 1980 in Washington. Ever the patriot, former President Nixon voluntarily testified on the defendants’ behalf, but they were convicted anyway and pardoned by President Reagan in March 1981.

More on Barack Obama’s friends William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn over at Power Line with audio of them continuing to rant against the United States.

Old Weather Underground radicals never fade away, now do they? They are either NEVER prosecuted or are PARDONED by Bill Clinton.

Now, will the press ask Barack Obama on why he has NOT repudiated his association with the bomb making LEFTIST radicals?


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