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Barack Obama Watch: The Wright Stuff for the GOP


Michael Ramirez on Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Is the latest Barack Obama – Jeremiah Wright flap, the RIGHT stuff for the GOP in November?

Flap and others think so.

While there’s still more GOPers who think Clinton and not Obama is the easier downballot target, NRCC’s Cole has been the consistent dissenter on this issue and is betting that Obama and not Clinton will be the bigger drag. Politico: “Republican-leaning districts could be particularly fertile ground for Obama-focused attacks, GOP officials say. ‘I think he’s the weaker candidate, and I’ve thought that for over a year now,’ NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) said at a briefing on Monday. ‘He’s very inexperienced. He is by any definition liberal and to the left of Hillary Clinton, and he will give us plenty of ideological divisions to work with.’”

“Besides the two special congressional elections in Mississippi and Louisiana next month, Republicans believe they can also exploit Obama’s vulnerabilities in House battlegrounds where he has struggled to win over key demographic groups. Those areas include three culturally conservative seats in Pennsylvania, where Obama lost badly in last week’s primary, and three Cuban-American districts in Florida that Democrats are seriously contesting for the first time.”

More on how Jeremiah Wright is being used by the GOP in down ballot races here.

As Flap said yesterday, each minute (news cycle) that Obama does not emphatically repudiate Jeremiah Wright HIS campaign and the Democrat Party is hurt. This entire flap may have created a HUGE opening for the GOP.

Even the LEFT recognizes the conundrum and urges Obama to throw Wright under the bus – and quick.

But, is it too late for a Sister Soulja moment and for Obama to DISOWN Reverend Wright?

If conservatives at first thought the Obama/Wright catastrophe was ironic, given Obama’s liberal sermons, or in a political sense timely in helping the McCain candidacy, I think by now they and most other Americans instead see the mess as tragic for the country, and a radical setback in our collective racial relations. Everyone of good conscience should deplore Wright in the strongest terms, and implore Obama once and for all to disown this extremist.

So, will Obama weigh in today on Jeremiah Wright? Or will Reverend Wright be the fatal blow to his candidacy?

In any case, for the GOP and John McCain, it is the WRIGHT STUFF.


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  1. I’d have to agree that Obama will be an easier victory for McCain if he’s on the ballot. Hillary has more experience and has been in the white house before.

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